Having My Baby is winner of worst song in 4th round – IOTW Report

Having My Baby is winner of worst song in 4th round

Imagine won round 1 .

I Am Woman wins round 2.

We are the World wins round 3.

Having My Baby round 4.

We have our 4 nominees for the worst song of all time.

They will be listed in the comments below.

Upvote the worst.

48 Comments on Having My Baby is winner of worst song in 4th round

  1. Anything called heavy metal should be at the top but then I guess they’re not really songs, just noise.

  2. A blind monkey throwing poop at a blank sheet of music staff paper will sooner or later write a better song than those four.

  3. D’oh. Just figured it out. Out of the four finalists, which all suck heinously, I couldn’t pick the worst. Looks like a four way tie to me.

  4. I nominate the song “Patches” sung by Clarence Carter. Horrible, but actually won a grammy I believe.

  5. I demand an investigation into the Inherent bias in candidate ballot position.
    I’m turning this over to Adam Schiff to lie about.

    What was the pro for your quid, BFH?

  6. “I’ll cut loose light an Okie Smokie Fart and you’ll smell the country cheese
    I’ll cut loose light an Okie Smokie Fart and you’ll be begging me pretty please…”

  7. @ Hoss MARCH 26, 2021 AT 2:29 PM

    Patches, sung by Clarence Carter went to no 1 I believe. Recorded in Muscle Shoals at Rick Hall’s request.

  8. The Muscle Shoals documentary was wonderful. Really amazing the number of records those guys were a part of

  9. Having my baby
    What a lovely way to say how much
    You’re thinking of me

    Hate to tell you Paul, but what shes thinking about you at that moment is, “Whats the most painful way for Paul to DIE!!

  10. oh great. Now i got that stupid paul anka tune going through my head.

    gonna put on some joe bonnamassa and drown it out

  11. :Stands on hilltop wearing Napoleon hat, thoughtfully chewing apple. Behind, hidden by the crest of the hill, lies the entire Phillip Glass catalog of music lying in readiness. Ahead and below, crossing the plains towards me at a steady pace, the four song finalists approach….:

  12. Emperor Burr, it shall be written in a letter that Billy was a hero that day, bringing back some extra men. But alas, that letter will be thrown away.

  13. Aaron Neville, “Don’t Take Away My Heaven”. Could be the most annoying singing voice of all time.

  14. Thirdtwin, Noooo! Not “Float On”.
    It’s a fun song and a fave of mine many years ago.
    Check out how popular it is on YouTube. Gen Zs, Xers and Millennials love it!
    Four part harmony mixed with 70s urban cool.
    The singers are very talented and make the song worth a listen – a soul music classic.

  15. Anything rap. But then again, it aint music, so maybe that’s why it has barely been mentioned in these threads.

  16. The 2 songs Recorded on Hanover Records.
    Recorded by Jimmy Carter for the 1976 Election year.
    A Jpeg of the 45 record available on request.

    “Let Me Know” 1:53
    “You’re Gonna Be Sorry” 2:15

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