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  1. Yep. Really fucking good fighters too.
    When I took a course in none weapon hand to hand combat my
    instructor was Sikh

  2. My Dad served in WW2 from Africa to Berlin. He never spoke much about it, only an occasional quip. He OFTEN stated the Sikhs were the greatest light infantry in the world.

  3. Loco,
    The ironical part of that is Sihks vote conservative. There’s a large population of them in the California Northern Central Valley. They are big into Almond Orchards and driving Semi’s. Oh and 7-11s.

  4. The Sikh have their shit together in a major way. They neither invite trouble nor put up with it. I have found them respectable human beings in every aspect of the term.

  5. Note that the Sikhs have come to our country and pretty much assimilated themselves.
    They have not tried to change our culture.
    Note that Sikhs have not been targeted for banning from entry in the United States. Nor Hindus nor Buddhists.
    We are not the bigots we are accused of being.
    We don’t push back just because someone is different.
    We push back against the Muslims because they want to change our society, and many want to harm us.

  6. Yeah Loco, what Brad said. Media can find any idiot to spew their agenda. Sikh’s are badasses, and good people.

  7. Sikhs are badass warriors. Long history of chivalry in battle. Choice between any “Asian” fighters from that region, I’d pick them and Mongols. Clear the field of any enemies you face.

  8. In the last year I made a lot of friends in the Sikh and Hindu community. Every last one I know supported and voted for Trump. Ask any Sikh about the history of Moslems slaughtering them.

  9. If there is any doubt, look at the intensity shown in this man’s face. He is not someone you want to mess with.

  10. Has everyone forgotten that it’s the Sikhs that terrorize the Hindus?
    They blew up the Air India plane out of Vancouver.
    To this day, the bombers send nasty, terrorizing letters to the families of the victims.
    The Sikhs are NOT muslims, but they are not innocent, either.
    If you confront them, they attack with the same venom as the muslims.

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