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Iran Finally Admits To Airliner Shoot Down


Iran’s military early Saturday morning announced its role in the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet that killed all 176 people on board, saying the shoot down was “unintentional” and blaming “human error.” More

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  1. Iran demanded the US and UK give them the evidence that they said showed Iran shooting it down.

    I assume they got it.

    Iran making demands for the evidence like that …….. a living in a glass house and demanding stones sort of thing.

  2. It was not “unintentional”, that is a very bad choice of words the regime choose to use. It was a mistake. They (the weapons crew) targeted that aircraft and deliberately fired on it. That is in no way “unintentional”.

    This was sloppy and incompetent on the part of the military.

  3. An error is a dropped ball or a throwing mistake in baseball…

    Targeting a batter is a whole other matter

  4. They said after being caught in their lie, “Let us be clear, we thought we were killing Americans. And, if you think about it, it’s really their fault that that our idiots were shooting their Russian SAM’s at passenger jets leaving our own airports.”

    To wit, MSNBC then parrots “good point and we agree wholeheartedly” with Colon Powell’s Chief of Staff nodding in agreement.

    Traitors one and all and a drone strike on their headquarters is warranted. MSNBC adventurism will be the death of them and none too soon.

  5. What happened to Ukrainian Air liner…
    A senior NCO accidentally placed his Fa-toss on the launch button,
    Ordinance launched, passenger aircraft interfered with practice launch.

  6. About the only difference between muzzies and democrats is that the muzzies will actually quit lying in the face of incontrovertible evidence.

  7. Unintentional, mistake?
    Perhaps not.
    There were 30-some Canadian/Iranians on that jet.
    What if they were considered traitors and meant to be blown to bits?
    Or maybe just one of them was targeted?
    Since it took off from Tehran Airport, the Iranians would have known who was on that plane, and should have grounded it until everything was safe, not just hours after the missile strikes.
    Something stinks there, and it isn’t just goatshit.

  8. Handsome Sleuth beat me to it.

    On the side of a mistake, Iranian air defense commanders were under considerable pressure after Israel made flights deep into Iranian territory, including Tehran, without detection. The blame clearly lays with the F-35.

  9. They have to admit this and deal with it because they’re truly fucked now. Nobody will want to fly to/from Teheran now. What little commerce they had going through there is now cut off. The inbred retard who shot down that airliner is probably getting the Vlad Dracula treatment know with a sharpened stake up his ass while watching his entire family get burnt alive in front of him.

  10. Hah!
    I knew that Iran shot the plane down- but to somehow mistake a plane taking off from their own airport as an American fighter jet-

    I feel incredibly sorry for the victims and their families, they were murdered but most likely won’t get justice. :l

  11. I want to see the Left be even handed and attack Irans Rouhani, telling Rouhani to go screw himself with his thoughts and prayers, just like the Left tells our Conservative political leaders and religious leaders after a mass shooting by a Democrat nutjob or filthy Mohammedan savage that thoughts and prayers are not enough to overcome “Gun Violence”.

  12. There is no way it could have been a mistake. The airliner was leaving Tehran, not coming into Iranian airspace. They deliberately shot it down out of anger or just to show they could do it.


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