Iran test fires rockets near US warship, sparking concern

Military official says close call ‘highly provocative’ as missile shot from within 1,500 yards of carrier in Strait of Hormuz


The Iranian navy test fired several rockets near three Western warships including the USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier last week, a US military official said Tuesday.An Iranian navy vessel launches a missile during a drill in the Sea of Oman, in January 2012. (photo credit: AP/ISNA, Amir Kholousi)

Though the rockets were not fired toward any ship, their proximity to the warships — and several commercial vessels — sparked concern.
“We look at this firing so close to the ships as highly provocative,” said the military official, who was not immediately authorized to be named.


Meanwhile, Obama sank a very tricky right to left 9 foot putt for a double bogey.


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  1. Our Leader HAHAHAHA doesnt give a fuck and will stop the military from engaging the ragheads….blow the motherfuckers out of the water, then launch the nuclears at Iran……time to get the fuck off the golf course and resign,,, Barky!!

  2. look up operation praying mantis, april 1988, under reagan

    it took about half a day to sink most of the iranian navy

    of course, we had a real commander in chief, unlike today

  3. Yep. ANY president, except maybe Carter and 0bama, wouldn’t put up with that.

    The ßeta Male we have in office probably wouldn’t react to a nuclear attack on Israel by Iran. Hell, I’m not sure he’d react to a nuke dropped on the US.

  4. ……nor if somebody other than Horsey Face had negotiated the nuclear deal.

    Henry Kissinger would have escaped out the men’s room window rather than sign his name to that piece of garbage.

  5. What intrigues me is – a warship like the Truman has the ability of defensively shooting down various sized missles in its area. Why they didn’t blow that Persian piece of shit out of the air before it got too close surprises me. WTF are you guys doing? Or NOT doing??? That would have stunned the mullahs a little, don’tcha think??

  6. Iran just wanted to flaunt their rockets in front of our military to rub in our faces what they have bought with the 150 billion dollars of our tax money O’treasonist gave them.

  7. Now, now, now, careful folks, Remember the Rules of Engagement: You gotta be hit before you can engage, and then only after getting permission. Dem be da Rules. Be nice now. Don’t rile dem arabs. They may get angry.

  8. I’ve been through the Straits of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf in 1974 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 when we put on an airshow for the Shah of Iran. Thanks a lot Jimma Carta for destabilizing the entire region by deposing the Shah because he was such a bad guy and replacing him with the Ayatollah Khomeini. You started this and your flunkie barry is even a bigger chicken shit than you were and may be trying to provoke a war by allowing the effin Iranians to get away with this. Any normal president would give them one warning and then blow these bastards out of the water. We don’t need another Gulf of Tonkin incident just to prove how big a man (he ain’t) barry is.

  9. This is going to seem like a minor point to most, but the Times of Israel managed to get Harry S Truman’s name correct, where our OWN GOVERNMENT got it WRONG!

    I am referring to the fact that a period after a person’s middle initial indicates that it is an abbreviation for a longer name, but Truman only had the “S” as a middle name, so adding the period is incorrect!

    Yeah, I know – we punctuation Nazis live lonely and tortured lives, but we can’t help it, I tell you. WE CAN’T HELP IT!!!…(breaks down, sobbing)…


  10. 1500 yards is just short of a mile by about 600-700 feet, that’s close enough to get a very good visual sighting of these small Iranian warships and target them for instant destruction. These ships should’ve never got within 5-10 or more nautical miles of our Navy and especially an aircraft carrier. Wars have been started for lesser provocations before. And I’d be willing to bet we have a submarine or two who were tracking their every move within the Straits of Hormuz. I can’t wait for barry to be almost gone by this time next year and let’s hope like with Carter a far better President like another Reagan will replace him and deal with these barbarians accordingly from a position of strength and not appeasement.

  11. Just buried Det. Joseph Lemm today in New York City. Killed with five other Airmen in Afshistan by a guy on a bicycle with a bomb.
    Change the Rules of Engagement for God’s sake.

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