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Is Keith Olbermann broadcasting out of his mom’s basement?

“One thing about Keith, he’s not hiding anything. He is as pompous and unhappy as he seems on TV. It’s all completely real,” a former coworker told TheDC.

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-DailyCaller: Keith Olbermann has hosted primetime news and sports shows in the past, but as GQ’s special correspondent, he now hosts a YouTube show in front of what appears to be construction paper.

The first season of his show was titled “The Closer,” and now following President-elect Donald Trump’s election he hosts “The Resistance.” He has over 50 episodes and none have gotten more than 1 million views on YouTube. Olbermann’s interview with White House press secretary Josh Earnest got less than 100,000 views. The GQ special correspondent started it with asking “Is [Obama] allowed to have opinions” about the election? This question came more than three months after the president endorsed Hillary.

Before his time with GQ, he had hosted shows for outlets such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and MSNBC.

One Washington media reporter commented to The Daily Caller about Olbermann’s new set and said, “his basement looks nice.”

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  1. Keith Olbermann once said…” I put garter snakes into my garter belt and then they go down into my garter socks, and this makes me smile”….that’s a quote….wiki it…

  2. Shouting incoherently, over-the-top hyperbole, vicious name calling, and a complete disregard for facts and logic. This is the formula Keith Olbermann and Special Ed Schultz have used to propel themselves onto left wing programs, and ultimately back into mom’s basement.

    In terms of miserable bastards, I would still give the edge to Keith because he managed to fail at sportscasting as well as political commentary.

  3. Keith Uberdouche MUST stay on the air. He is the walking, talking epitome of why no one should ever vote for a dem. He’s supremely confident in his stupidity and it’s so obvious to anyone who watches that he knows nothing.

  4. Hungjumper,
    Bath tubs might be a touchy subject around here. I’d like to meet old Keith in a locked room some time. I’m 15 years his elder but he wouldn’t live through it. Que the ESPN theme music. Nanna nant. Fucking loser.

  5. Hello Mr. Olbermann, This stuck with me and it may not mean anything to anyone but me. On the video with Bush Trump tells about how he needs “tic tac”‘s before he meets up with a beautiful woman and starts kissing them, because he can’t help himself. Then he takes some out and puts them in his mouth, just in case. To me this takes this incident beyond “locker room” talk. I keep waiting for someone to bring this up, because I’m surly not to only one that this matters to. I mean 80+% of what he says is a lie and the other 20% babble. I hope the people with some power does the right thing. Peace on you and piss on trump.

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