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Is the Movie’s Title Intentional or Not?


There are two good things about this trailer; you won’t have to go see the film once you watch it and the last line.


(If you can’t stomach Schumer’s jokes about her lady parts, just go to the 2:12 mark).

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    They would have made more money calling the film “PUSSY!”

    Goldie Hawn. Really? After THAT facelifting?!?

    No, Schumer, fat is NOT sexy. Especially YOURS.

  2. Hah, rotten tomatoes is going to have a field day with this crap. Kate Hudson would’ve been a better pick for shumers role, bit Kate has a bit more integrity then that melted candle twat shumer.

  3. Caught a momentary glance of that on tv. Just enough to see Goldie Hawn was in it.
    First thought, why would Goldie come out of retirement to be in this?
    (If she’s been in anything over the last decade I’m not aware of it. I always thought she should have made more drama movies. Good comedic actors are often good at playing the villain too, imo)

  4. Goldie, Goldie. Inflated duck lips are not attractive, nor do they make you look younger. They just make you look desperate.

    The other pig isn’t even worth commenting on.

  5. I’m beginning to believe the conspiracy theory that successful people in show business are there because they sold their souls to the devil. There’s no other explanation for Amy Schumer. Her face looks like it’s stuffed with twice-baked potatoes and cottage cheese.

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