Is NJ planning to hijack the gas tax to bail out NJ’s public pensions?

WyBlog: Steve Sweeney’s sneaky plan for hijacking the gas tax into bailing out NJ’s public pensions

Last month when you voted to dedicate the newly raised gas tax to the Transportation Trust Fund I’ll bet you thought that meant the gas tax revenue would be going into the Transportation Trust Fund.


State Senate President Steve Sweeney wants to divert it to, drum roll please, bailing out the public employee pension fund!

How? Easy! Just have the pension fund buy the TTF bonds. As in, New Jersey will borrow money from itself and then pay itself all the interest.

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5 Comments on Is NJ planning to hijack the gas tax to bail out NJ’s public pensions?

  1. The fundamentals haven’t changed.
    Even with the election of Mr. Trump.
    $220 Trillion in unfunded liabilities didn’t just evaporate.
    $20 Trillion in National Debt didn’t just evaporate.
    The core problems of socialism haven’t changed, and the American taxpayer is STILL on the hook for all the loans, pensions, mortgages, and liabilities incurred by those 1,000 or so maggots on Capitol Hill.

    Mr. Trump’s task is Herculean. And the Lilliputians will do everything in their considerable power to continue to subvert the Constitution, the American people, and Mr. Trump’s Presidency.

    New Jersey’s problems aren’t any greater than Wisconsin’s, California’s, Illinois’, New York’s, or anyone else’s – and ALL of them will turn to lies and subterfuge to mollify the public while they’re being fleeced.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Before the election, the Lt. Gov was warning people that a “Yes” vote to the gas tax being placed in a lock box was a ruse and that it was also going to authorize the state to issue up to $12 billion in bonds. Of course the exact detail of what those bonds were going to be used for and what they were going to be issued against (gas tax funds) was cleverly hidden.

    Of course as usual, the idiots in this state will cry foul, then go back to bad mouthing Republicans and re-elect the same Democrats who run this state like their own personal slush fund.

  3. Nothing has changed with the democrat mindset after we told them, “No!” They are children who throw tantrums to get their way.

    They won’t behave until the adult takes them by the ear and places them in the corner with a dunce cap on their heads. Even then they will pout, cry and scream, “No faaaaiiiiirrrrrr!”

    And we will continue to point and laugh at them.

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