Is the Weiner moving in or moving out?

Most media outlets are reporting that Weiner is moving back in with Huma.

Meanwhile, People Magazine is maintaining that the Weiner was exiting not entering.

Peephole mag-

Photographs of Anthony Weiner at his estranged wife Huma Abedin’s New York City apartment showed him moving his things out, not in, despite reports, a friend tells PEOPLE.

Weiner was photographed with luggage, boxes and suit bags outside of Abedin’s building over the weekend.

“They are most certainly not back together,” says a friend of the former couple, explaining that what tabloid photographers captured was Weiner removing some of his belongings from his estranged wife’s home. “Those were not boxes going in. They were old boxes going out.”


Looked like he was going in to me.

I guess Huma feels it’s best for the kid…. to have dad lie naked in the bed with him and take selfies for 15 year-olds.

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  1. I think Weiner might get a chance to go in the front door instead of back door if he doesn’t blow it.

  2. Remember, Hillary Clinton was the match-maker for these two charlatans.
    BTW, what’s with the hockey stick? Will we be seeing it as evidence in a murder case five years from now?

  3. Huma’s husband, Carlos Danger, isn’t as dangerous inside the dragon’s den as he might be on the loose. He’s incurable. He’s going to reoffend one of these days. Since a husband can’t be forced to testify against his spouse, Abedin won’t divorce Weiner until the statute of limitations expires. But statutes of limitation vary from state to state, and they start running from the date that something is discovered, not when it occurs. The discovery of the Clinton emails on his devices was later than anything else in this case, so it makes sense to keep Weiner on a short leash. And use a lot of disinfectant and wear rubber gloves around the premises at all times.

  4. If Huma had been prosecuted we would’t have the “Hate Squad.” This is what a 10 tiered justice system brings to “a country of laws.”

  5. I never read anything about this degenerate sleezebag without thinking about how Andrew Breitbart ambushed Weiner in New York City when he was going to explain how his personal iPhone device was hacked by someone to discredit him by sending rude photographs and salacious texts. That takedown was just a small taste of what Breitbart would have accomplished if he hadn’t died before his time.

  6. She is a mutt, but even with her looks, she could do better than screech from saved by the bell!

    Desperate times for anyone who banked on Hillary’s corruption to fund their retirement.

  7. I used to have a school friend named Hans Weiner, a kid from a Dutch-Jewish family. We all knew his first name was pronounced “Hawns”, but most of us called him “Hans”, as in “hands”. When I passed him in the hallway, I used to say “Hans Off-yer Wiener”. As if “Off-yer” was his middle name.

    Being an Euro kid, I don’t think he ever really got the joke.

    We gave him credit for being the first guy in school who knew about the Beatles, who he supposedly heard about from his Dutch relatives. This is around September-October 1963. He was proud of the fact he knew about the Beatles before the rest of us bumpkins.

  8. @Mithrandir

    Ya mean from miniscule to tiny?

    Someone could write a short story about Weiner’s dick. A very short story.

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