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ISIS Run Away Girls Believed Dead Now

The two Austrian teens who ran away from home last year to join ISIS are most likely dead. The first, Sabina Selimovic was reportedly killed in the fighting in Syria earlier this year.


Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic 

The older of the two Samra Kesinovic, is believed to have been beaten to death for trying to escape the terrorist state.


14 Comments on ISIS Run Away Girls Believed Dead Now

  1. I suppose that this wasn’t meant to be humorous but it’s an absolute riot. I hate the stupid and well there you have it. Reared by the stupid left, these girls are no more. One bright note, no offspring were spawned.

  2. It is really unfortunate that they weren’t raised with a good dose of common sense and a smattering of knowledge about the real world and the crazies that live in it. I realize that kids can do stupid stuff, but honestly if the parent(s) aren’t mostly to blame for this I’ll eat my hat!

  3. Tragic. But I have no sympathy. Something went wrong in their up bringing. It may not be the parents fault either.

  4. Hopefully anyone thinking of following their example will reconsider before making such a big mistake.

  5. Glad they both met their Rolling Stone deaths. What? Too soon?

  6. Ahnold will no longer hear the
    la-men-ta-tions of these women.

  7. As a father,I do feel a sadness at the (predictable) violent end of these precious (in God’s sight) girls. The tragedy here is that anyone, especially young women, could believe that there is anything good waiting for them in the arms of Islam. Where has the vaunted secularism and nihilism of Europe gotten them? Their children, just like ours, are looking for something more, something bigger than just day to day life. The vulgar, valueless humanism offers them nothing. Islam deceptively offers them order, rules, morality (what is that?) and answers about eternity. The Euro-eunics have no answer and until they return to a Christian ethic they won’t. Their children will continue walk off these cliffs because of the impotent silence of their own parents and the lack of any useful social structure left in their countries. This is tragic. And our once great nation is catching up to them so very quickly.

  8. Live and Learn.

    Uhhh … maybe not …

    Sadly enough, as our college snowflakes may learn sooner than later, in the real Universe you only get ONE mistake.

  9. The First Family is thankful for nothing except George Soros.
    May their dinner give them the screaming shits.

  10. Too bad there weren’t any brains lost, otherwise I’d be sad aat the loss.
    In other news, the gene pool had a dose of chlorine, and is just a little cleaner.

  11. The loss of two pretty girls to goat-fucking savages is a sadness. That they fell for the propaganda is a greater sadness.
    That the propaganda propagates is a crying shame.

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