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“Islam has no place in Slovakia”

Prime Minister Fico:

“It may look strange but sorry … Islam has no place in Slovakia.
The problem is not migrants coming in rather in them changing the face of the country.”

TheRebel: After winning a third term in office, newly reelected PM Robert Fico restated his position that Islam has no place in Slovakia.

Robert Fico joins the growing list of national leaders who are daring to openly peak the truth about the consequences of large numbers of religious Muslims migrating to Western countries and the effect they have.  MORE

9 Comments on “Islam has no place in Slovakia”

  1. Islam has no place on this planet. They do NOT integrate, They do NOT accept, They do NOT want you to survive unless you convert. Islam is the enemy and violence is their way. The longer we have our head in the sand the more brutal the eventual conflict will be.

  2. Why pretend that “migrants” aren’t a problem?
    NO immigration should be allowed into ANY country, except in that country’s better interests. NONE!
    Why should ANY country be compelled, morally or physically, to admit foreign wastrels and vagabonds? I don’t get it. It is beyond comprehension, to me, to allow an infection detrimental to a nation in the name of some amorphous “fairness” that only exists in the minds of the maggots who support parasitism.
    A nation with a need? Sure. Import labor or brains or investment – whatever is NECESSARY. But a bunch of worthless, maggotty, izlamic feral savages, who have NO intention of assimilating, much less working?

    Doesn’t make any sense. Suicide … utter suicide.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The only voices of sanity in the EU are from the leaders of former Soviet bloc countries whose people can recognize totalitarian rule. Not so much for the western European leaders and their voting base.

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