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The Illusion This Picture Creates Takes a Little While To Figure Out

Click through for a picture that will explain, visually, what is going on here.


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  1. To me it appears that the woman is wearing a dress, and the man is wearing blue & white shorts. The white from the shorts makes it look like the woman is wearing pants because of how her legs are positioned in the pic.

  2. And in typical urban yute fashion he made the effort to pull down his two toned shorts to show his plaid boxers to the world. Maybe I’m getting to be an old man because I’m in full agreement with my dad that these slugs should be arrested for indecent exposure and given a good switching on their bare ass so they’ll remember to keep their pants pulled up.

  3. Dude in blue and white shorts hugging woman. You think you can see what the woman is wearing but you can’t. All you see are the cuffs of her pants that come to mid calf suggesting she’s wearing leggings or yoga pants.
    All that white area that appear to be the woman’s pants are in fact the back of the dude’s big oversized loose fitting blue and white shorts. The key is to follow the hem of the dude’s shorts legs toward the center (from the blue area into the white area) and you can see that his shorts completely obscure the woman.

  4. In an ill-conceived gov’t funded medical experiment, surgeons transplanted upper and lower body halves of two individuals of dissimilar race and gender, with limited success.

    The result was both tragic and hilarious.

    In a statement, the surgeons Drs. Howard, Fine and Howard, indicated their future efforts would be more limited in scope.

  5. What’s with the ridiculous racist comments?
    It’s one thing to go off on stories where SJWs
    are rioting while shouting incoherent nonsense.
    But when it’s a picture of a man and women hugging,
    with no context whatsoever, and you choose to go the
    route of an ignorant moron and simply call a random black
    man a nigger, you are the problem, not the solution.

    Go call Colonel West a nigger.
    Go call Justice Thomas a nigger – you friggin idiot.

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