I’ve Been Telling Braindead Leftists on Social Media That Manafort is Not on Trial For Collusion

They just point and laugh, like clueless jackasses.

The statistics below jibe with my own personal empirical evidence. The sad part is we could show these cheeseteeth leftists this story and they would still insist Manafort is on trial for collusion, followed by a pathetic chant of “Mueller Time, Mueller Time.”

It’s tragic, actually.

Poll: 63% of Dems Don’t Know Manafort Isn’t on Trial for ‘Collusion with Russia’.


Democrats were the most likely (29%) to erroneously think that Manafort is on trial for collusion with Russia, compared to 17% of Independents and 13% of Republicans. In all, 20% of survey respondents cited “collusion.”

Another 41% of those surveyed said they were “not sure” what charges Manafort is facing. When those who weren’t sure are added in, 63% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 61% of all respondents did not know Manafort is not on trial for collusion with Russia.

Meanwhile, half (50%) of Republicans correctly answered that Manafort is on trial for “something else,” other than collusion with Russia.

6 Comments on I’ve Been Telling Braindead Leftists on Social Media That Manafort is Not on Trial For Collusion

  1. The press make sure to emphasize that he “worked on Trump’s campaign”, so for the lazy, that’s all the connection they need.

    I noticed last night how every headline/link about Bethenny Frankel boyfriend death was highlighting that he died of overdose at Trump Tower. Usually they don’t say the cause of death, even when is obvious, but in this case they had to imply some kind of connection between drugs and the Trump Tower.

  2. You should really pump them up by telling them that some great material was collected from Trumps crooked lawyer and it’s all but certain he’ll be getting a stiff jail sentence and the rest of the family too. Build their expectations through the roof so when this whole thing collapses and the conspirators begin getting arrested it’ll be like the last election again. I don’t think their nervous systems can handle a second shock so soon and it’ll really get fun.

  3. Almost two-thirds of Party members in good standing (at least vaguely) grasp that show trials are just for show? Room for improvement. But not bad.

    Half of the loyal (at least for show) opposition, don’t know that show trials are just for show? Sad. Just really sad.

  4. And when finally confronted with the truth, their response is something along the lines of: “well Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion…”.


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