This Video Is Dedicated to All the Leftist Morons Who Say Cops Are Too Brutal When Arresting the Non-Complying

Why do the mean cops have to punch the guy?

Why are the cops so brutal?

Why are 2 cops ganging up on the poor guy?

Why are they tazering the guy?

This is police brutality!!

This video shows what could have happened in all the other videos the leftist morons whine about. This is tragic.

21 Comments on This Video Is Dedicated to All the Leftist Morons Who Say Cops Are Too Brutal When Arresting the Non-Complying

  1. Looks like it was a case of LEO’s not following proper procedure to me:

    Neither one of them called for back up at any point before the shooting

    One of them should have remained at arms length to cover the hand-on guy until back up arrived

    They both deployed nothing but tasers even though they both saw how ineffective it was on the perp

    They both went hand-on then fists-on and when both proved ineffective they allowed to perp to fight his way back to his feet and THEN to reach into his vehicle!

    Neither one of them even went for their gun until they were getting shot….worst mistake of the entire fight.

    As soon as he got back on his feet and made a move towards his car they should have opened fire on him with their pistols.

  2. Shit happens fast and hard. I spent 32 years on the street as a grunt. Unless you have been there don’t pop off with your “tactical” analysis. MCSO 690

  3. I think they were yelling the command to get on his back, they wanted him on his belly instead so they could cuff him. Maybe that confused the perp. Still no excuse to pull a weapon. Glad the cop made it, I thought both cops were hit.

  4. Anytime a perp runs or turns his back L.E. has a tough decision. Lawyers love to point out that the perp is disengaging and therefore no longer a threat. Cops are at a disadvantage in the courtroom when liberal juries hear shit like “hands up, don’t shoot”.

  5. What’s with all the punching? A properly executed choke hold cuts off blood supply to the brain, knocking the attacker out in seconds.

  6. Tux, choke hold is not allowed, and is a violation of the citizens civil rights. Welcome to Federal DC.

    What you all observed is the ineffectiveness of the ‘taser,’ and that is also the case with ‘pepper spray.’ Flashlights and short clubs work.

    Yeah, I’m finishing up my work product and retiring; there is no reason to risk life and limb for a dead society. No matter what the cop does, he’s wrong; more so if white, hetero, and Christian.

    As the police departments are increasingly converged, you will need to protect yourselves; it’s getting to the point that the police are not allowed to protect themselves…how, then, will they protect your society?

  7. Had the perp been white, the cops likely wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot. More black privilege at play. One good outcome, however; this video will be used for training all across the country.

  8. It seems to me like obama’s boys have become more outrageous since he empowered them during his administration.

    Oh and larry the libstain…go fuck yourself!

  9. Tony R is right. I think cops hesitate now because no matter if it’s a “good shoot” or not, they shoot/kill a black man and their lives are worthless. And it’s getting them killed.

  10. Moe, that would not happen to one of our cruisers…well, it might happen to an unattended cruiser, but not if one of our braves was there. Too, then there’d be a “reaping of the whirlwind” for about the next month.

    Once this stuff is allowed to go unrewarded, civil society in that area is lost; why even bother responding to calls after that?

  11. This is what happens when police departments are infested with globalist policies, which means even if shooting a minority perp is justified, a cop’s career is over or in jeopardy. Yeah, the cops made some mistakes, but they are still good men trying to do their job – protect and serve. Hope the perp gets a righteous judge who sentences him to the death penalty.


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