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James O’Keefe Suggests He Has Insiders on Trump Grand Jury

Epoch Times-

Former Project Veritas head James O’Keefe is suggesting he has insiders on the grand jury reportedly considering indicting former President Donald Trump.

Trump has suggested he would be arrested this week. He is being probed by Manhattan District Alvin Bragg over a payment made to adult actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election.

A grand jury is reportedly considering charges against Trump.

After an O’Keefe supporter wondered whether O’Keefe has someone on the inside, O’Keefe suggested there are multiple insiders.

“The real question is how many do we have on the inside? Stay tuned,” O’Keefe wrote on Twitter.

O’Keefe founded Project Veritas in 2010. He departed the group in February after the board of directors suspended him amid an investigation into alleged financial malfeasance. His new project is called O’Keefe Media Group, or OMG.

O’Keefe said that the new group has been sending cameras out, “which means the OMG army of exposers will soon be holding those in power accountable.”

O’Keefe warned people who are planning wrongdoing, adding: “You’re being watched. We’re coming after you. The next time you try and take advantage of honest Americans, the person sitting next to you might have a microphone or a camera. You see, the world is watching. And if you’re lying, cheating, stealing, or scamming, you might be the next unwilling star of the internet.”

OMG’s first story will be released on March 27, O’Keefe said. more

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  1. …O’Keefe is a treasure and he absolutey should keep going, but he’s shown evidence of crime after crime up to and including crimes against humanity and…nothing happens, the world keeps turning, and no Democrat EVERY gets indicted for ANYTHING and none of them even lose their jobs unless there’s a better one waiting…


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