Jay Sekulow Presser: Defense Begins Saturday 10am With Three Hour Preview

Conservative Treehouse:

During a Senate trial break President Trump attorney Jay Sekulow gives a short presser to rebut some of the more egregious disinformation from the House prosecutors.


Sekulow smartly connects the lengthy Schiff prosecution point about foreign interference in U.S. elections to Nellie Ohr, the wife of the third ranking DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, working for Fusion-GPS and Hillary Clinton while contracting with British and Ukraine  officials for an investigation into Donald Trump.  ie. actual foreign interference.

Additionally, on a housekeeping and scheduling note, Sekulow states the Senate has requested an accommodation from the defense to limit opening to 10am-1pm on Saturday.  So the defense segment will begin at 10am tomorrow then break after three hours and resume on Monday January 27th.

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  1. Schiff blew all his three day argument with one stupid Nadler like overreach. GOP Senators knew the “head on a pike” to be fake news used in the usual Demonrat circular lie validation technique.

    Leak an anonymous lie to the press, let the media run with it breathlessly as fact (without any investigation) and then repeat the press lie as a fact just because the press stated it as a fact.

    The head on a pike fake news lie no doubt originated with Shiffty himself in his usual false flag coordination with the media. He intended all along to use it as an analog for his “Trump as a King” closing argument.

    What he achieved instead was alienating the squishy moderates even more as every GOP Senator knows about this technique but the Demonrats run the play anyway.

    He efficiently blocked the squishes into a corner where they now have no choice but to vote against witnesses., and that’s even before the Trump team gets their penalty kicks.

    Schiff will go down In history as the satanic clown of all time. What a self-aggrandizing dumb ass. His hubris lead his entire impeachment premise off a cliff.

    He truly is Wiley Coyote. PDJT campaign slogan should be “meep-meep”…

  2. The “head on a pike” came from the Daily Kos and the Inquisitr.

    Garbage news, not just fake. Looked it up as soon as I heard it. Those were the only sites listing it yesterday morning.

  3. What gives with creepy Sen Leahy skulking behind Sekulow, vile grin on his face, snapping pics (with a regular camera), from 2 angles of Sekulow speaking? The old coot probably gets the same enjoyment from photographing 6 y.o. naked boys.

    This is the same cretin who proudly announced he transported sperm into Cuba for a “political prisoner’s wife”.


    Hey Vermonters, is this the best you can do? One old communist who pens a “women enjoy rape story“, and one old socialist who champions late term abortion, at the same time he’s touts artificial insemination via military transport.

  4. Meanwhile, THIS is what’s important to the good folks in my neighborhood.

    “COLUMBIA, S.C. — Friday’s episode of the “The Young and the Restless” was interrupted due to CBS News’ coverage of impeachment, but you can still watch the episode.

    It will now air at 1:37 a.m. Saturday on WLTX.

    The ‘Bold and the Beautiful,’ however, will not air overnight, because the program was pre-empted in all time zones.”

    No Bold & The Beautiful? Oh no…. /s

  5. Just think how screwed we’d be if the Senate had been lost to the decepticoms last year…and how important it is to sweep the elections this coming year.

    Can we do it? Now is the time for all good men & women to come to the aid of their country and “Just say no to schriffy government.”

  6. i’m sorry but did I miss the democrats presentation of facts to back up their articles of impeachment?

    I heard opinions, hearsay and their general dislike of Trump for three days but no actual facts to support their charges….

    is this a trial or a girls high school clic denigrating a fellow classmate…

    and why does the defense start on Saturday?
    does the senate not want the defense to be heard the same as the prosecution?
    who’s going to tune into the defense on Saturday?
    not any democrat voters to be sure….the soccer game is on.


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