University of Kansas professor indicted for working for Communist Party of China

Campus Reform:

  • A professor at the University of Kansas has been charged wth fraud for surreptitious collaboration with the Chinese government.
  • Feng Tao allegedly ran a “scheme” wherein he allegedly planned to transfer “intellectual property.” MORE

17 Comments on University of Kansas professor indicted for working for Communist Party of China

  1. It might be something I missed but I think it could have been useful to make mention of what the guy was researçhing. Aeronautical engineering? Nuclear physics? Advanced radar capabilities? Iberian folk dance? Who knows?

  2. They are not to be trusted but we bring them over by plane loads to work in some of our most sensitive fields. Time to take the blinders off and fire up our apparently unused brain cells. This isn’t rocket science. (Actually I’m sure they are involved in that too)

  3. A communist in academia? I’m shocked. The democrat party’s trying to keep apace to replace crazy with communists, and they have a pretty good start post 2018.

  4. Universities are seedbeds of nihilism, communism, socialism, hate-Americanism, perversion, radicalism, and just about every other corruption under the Sun.
    A few are educated but most are fleeced.

    They are also bases of operations for groups as diverse as chinese communists and iranian incendiaries (among others).

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I am afraid that many countries,not
    just the ChiComs, have deep deep embedded
    agents from one end of this country to the
    other.Washer Woman Schultz had a Paki spy
    and Feinstein had her ChiCom spy for 15 years…

  6. …uhh, as far as I can see, ALL the college professors work for SOME Communist party, though they may call it the DNC at times.

    …this guy would have been fine, it it had profited Hillary in some way…

  7. Hell, he probably had some American born professors that were helping him. We should end public universities. I’m pretty damn sick of my money having to help pay the salaries of communist professors and the final phase of turning young people into brain dead commies.

  8. well hillary’s, comey’s. clappers, brennan’s, bidens crimes are all known, they are treasonous and yet they are not incarcerated or even charged with crimes…

    explain that to me?

  9. 95% of these academic M-F’s are working for the communists.

    Let’s think about that for a bit: full profs easily get 6 figure salaries, great benefits, lots of time off, a private office to write their communist books and articles that get peer-reviewed by other communist M-Fs, and worse than all that, they take advantage of callow young people who have no independent thought processes and no way of disputing what their communist masters tell them.

    If there is any single group of people doing more long-term harm to America, I’d like to know what group that is.

  10. I recall a news article a couple months ago that said DJT was appointing a task force to investigate Chicoms stealing critical information from our Universities. It’s rampant. Hopefully the is the first of many.

  11. Us universities have hired many thousands of red chinese nationals as faculty in the name of ‘diversity.’ Of course some of them are agents of the chinese govt but universities are too naive to accept this (or they just dont care). These faculty are notoriously sh***y instructors, with poor English, who blow off office hours, and also skip out for several weeks at a time to visit ….china. None are ever denied tenure bc that would be racist. Every one if them is getting hired over us citizens who spent many years working for a phd degree. It is rotten on every level and part of the decline of us universities.


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