Minnesota student arrested in China for criticizing president Xi Jinping

Campus Reform:

The website Axios is reporting that a University of Minnesota student has been jailed in China after posting critical comments of Chinese President Xi Jinping on social media. 

Citing online Chinese court documents, Axios  reported that 20-year-old Luo Daiqing was detained in July 2019 in Wuhan, China, which is his hometown. Daiquing, who was in China while on break from school, had reportedly posted images and contents on Twitter in September and October 2018 that were unflattering to the Chinese leader while he was still in the United States. 

Campus Reform is unable to independently verify Axios‘ reporting. However, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, tweeted about the situation.  MORE

19 Comments on Minnesota student arrested in China for criticizing president Xi Jinping

  1. Texting,tweeter twat twits what ever,
    stay in the cyber ethos for a looooong time…
    Better watch your social credit,you could be next.

  2. This is a Chinese student, citizen of China.

    They are all monitored, and effectively required to be informal spies.

    Let’s stop with the importing of foreign students from shithole countries.

  3. the left in this country don’t arrest you, yet.

    they just help you out of your job, the restaurant your eating in, they attack you openly on the street for wearing a hat they don’t like, they show up outside your door and try to intimidate you…..

  4. If the pandemic is as effective in killing people as communism is then China will need to import illegal aliens when it runs its course!

  5. I guess the sorta “Free Speech” we enjoy here in the USA isn’t appreciated (allowed) in most other countries. Just one more thing not taught in our “Free” schools now-a-days.

  6. Just as American as American can be! He should seek asylum in one of The United States’ allies embassies. Maybe the Saudis have room?

  7. When in Rome do as the Romans do; obey Roman law.
    The great gift of Free Speech that our Founders recognized as necessary for Freedom, does not cross borders.
    It would be well to remember it.

  8. Wuhan?

    Sorry kid, you can stay there until people stop dropping in the streets from whatever crazy ass virus the chinese government created.


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