Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization Faces Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Epoch Times:

NEW YORK—Alleged victims announced on Aug. 12 that they would file lawsuits against the leading organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses once the Child Victims Act is in effect.

Under the new law, which will come into effect on Aug. 14, people under the age of 55 will be able to file lawsuits if they were victims of sexual abuse as children. Before the act was passed, the age cap for filing cases was 23 years of age.

Michael Ewing and Heather Steele, both in their 40s, were joined by attorneys six floors above Manhattan.

“I’m here to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore,” Ewing said. “I’m here to make sure that if there’s any other voice out there that sees me at my age, recognizing that even if they’re older, there’s time for them to come forward.”

Ewing alleges he was sexually abused at the age of 14—for six consecutive months—after he was baptized. He said that Mike Rust, a ministerial servant appointed by the Jehovah’s Witness organization, was the perpetrator.

At 21, he reported the abuse to his parents. But Ewing said his father insisted on telling the religion’s elders rather than contacting law enforcement. Thereafter, the elders “disfellowshipped” (excommunicated) Ewing and Rust for practicing homosexuality, according to the lawsuit.


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  1. One big problem with Jehova’s Witnesses is there is no letter “J” in Hebrew or Aramaic. The letter ‘J’ only came into English around 1600.

  2. Watchtower doctrine says only 144,000 of the truly faithful will be fully saved. If you encounter one, look them dead in the eye and ask if they expect they will be one of the 144,000…out of maybe 10 million JWs over the past hundred years or so. If they can’t ascertain that for themselves (and not one can), ask why they presume to preach to you?

    They’ll leave you alone after that.

  3. Had a couple of them come to my house and I invited them in and said “so what should we talk about?” They said “Shit, I don’t know…we never got this far before!”

  4. The JWs will not vote. Will not involve in politics. I was always nice to them until I learned that. I said sorry, I find that to be irresponsible and morally reprehensible and I can’t deal with it. They stopped coming around. I’m probably down in their logs as Satan. (Yes they keep logs on you.)


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