Jim Jordan Lays Out the Reasons Why the Dems Are Hellbent On Stopping Barr – IOTW Report

Jim Jordan Lays Out the Reasons Why the Dems Are Hellbent On Stopping Barr

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  1. Nothing is going to stop what is coming. I believe that. Just look and listen to the democrats (and some republicrats). Watch their body language. Watch their verbal demeanor.

    They’re scared, folks. They’re petrified. Most importantly, their desperate; desperate enough to do something really heinous in order to distract the rest of the world from their deeds and plans. I PUT NOTHING PAST THEM.

    The Sheila Jackson Lee’s and Gerald Nadler’s of the world can all go fuck themselves silly, because ultimately conservative America will win this fight.

    The best part?….they have Trump EXACTLY WHERE HE WANTS THEM.

  2. The uniparty Republicans are in this up to their eyeballs. McCain’s (already tarnished) legacy is at (further) risk. The Senate seems to be positioning to keep Trump from following through with the investigation by threatening his family. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. If the House impeaches, the uniparty Senate could convict, with enough Republican traitors. (Yes, I voted for Bro. Mitt, but it was a vote against Jenny Wilson, with the scant hope that Sen. Mitt would behave himself.
    I have far less than scant hope, now.)

  3. If past patterns hold, watch for two things:

    1) Career Republicans suddenly pleading for an end to all this, for the good of the nation or some such BS, and growing obstructionism as ACParker notes.

    2) The sudden, untimely, and never to be fully explained death of a key figure or figures, which will bring any chance of real justice to a dead stop.

  4. Nobody will be prosecuted.
    Nobody will go to jail.
    Nothing will happen.
    Get back to work,you are 22T$ in debt….

  5. RADIOATIONMAN – Funny – I just scratched off my State Lottery ticket and it said the same thing: “Get Back To Work”

  6. Isn’t coercing someone to commit a crime, A CRIME? Nadler and all those that voted Barr in contempt need to be arrested immediately! It’s all on video. Let them fight that in court.

  7. Stay faithful, keep praying, keep praising God Almighty.

    Don’t repeat the mistakes of the Israelites as they were being led to the promised land — grumbling and doubting and full of ingratitude.

  8. grool, that sounds about right.

    1) Chris Wray is definitely auditioning for first chair in this tiny violin orchestra.

    2) There was that massive fire at Chappaqua in January. Try, and try again, I reckon.

  9. Barr is investigating the resistance and the resistance is trying to shut him down.

    That is obstruction of justice.

  10. Shouldn’t trying to get rid of Barr be considered obstruction of justice?

    When a Democrat starts making accusations it is wise to look at what the Democrat is doing instead of what the one being accused is, wild accusations by Democrats are usually an effort to direct attention away from their own deeds.

  11. @Abigail>amen. Keep the faith,stay the course and fight the good fight faith. Stand a see the salvation (victory ) of the Lord. <

  12. I honestly hope AG Barr has the best security possible. I put NOTHING past these cocksuckers (oh, and the other bastards as well).

  13. 1) Thank God our President Trump fired the feculent feckless Jeff Sessions.

    2) Thank God our President Trump nominated Bill Barr for AG

    I think Congressman Jim Jordan is exactly right – Bill Barr and his Inspectors General are going to follow every lead to its logical conclusion, that a Vast Leftwing Conspiracy of unelected unaccountable Deep State federal bureaucrats attempted a soft coup d’etat against a legally-elected President of the United States.

  14. And again, I urge us all to pray for Donald Trump daily. He is leading a righteous war against “evil most foul”.


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