Job Prospects Bleak For Dem Staffers in D.C.


Between Hillary’s failed presidential run and a number of sure to win Senate seats not panning out for them, Democrat staffers who are needed to run the leviathan that is our government, are finding few job openings in Washington, D.C.


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  1. Now you incompetent leeches know how real Americans feel!!

    scha·den·freu·de ˈSHädənˌfroidə
    pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

  2. To echo everyone else’s sentiments, I sure as hell hope these leeches are starting to scan the “Help Wanted” and job boards for non-gov’t jobs. I’m really fired up in full-on disgust with anyone associated with the D’s and the left today. Anyone else been watching the confirmation hearings? Cory Booker made a complete ASS of himself. He’s been studying obama very closely these past 8 years, hasn’t he? He MUST NOT be allowed to stay in our gov’t. Someone’s got to primary him and win. NO MORE baby obamas.

  3. Is Delaware Sen. Chris Coons (D), gay? I swear I just watched him smile and wink at Rex Tillison. I swear it. The D gays must be going nuts over all these real men taking over the running of our gov’t.

  4. Bleak for dicks, or bleak for hacks?

    Bleak for blokes with leaks that lack?

    Bleak for bleaters blind to fact?

    Weak for wonks who won’t be back?

    Peaked for progs who’d better pack?

    Speak of legacy, that’s Barack’s.

  5. Markey (D), Mass. is an idiot. When you have time, please watch him make a complete asshole of himself whilst arguing with the CEO of the world’s largest OIL company about the specifics of the price of a barrel of oil. OMG!! D’s are the stupidest people on the planet, I’m convinced of it. I’m embarrassed to have these people in our gov’t.

  6. Nobody wants to see someone lose their jobs in this economy however those Obama/Clinton people need to realize a couple of things. First, this was the most vicious, nasty, mean-spirited election I’ve ever seen and the Dems were the worst. The shear visceral hatred they have for Trump (and most of them wouldn’t be able to give you a reason why they hated him so much if they had a gun to their heads) means that regardless of the person’s qualifications Trump and his people would be fools to allow them to stay where they could (and many would) do damage. The second thing they need to remember is that thousands of them got their jobs at the expense of a Republican/Conservative that served before them in the Bush administration. It’s politics and they of all people need to remember that.

  7. scr_north — I’d feel sorry for them, too, except that most of them are damaged goods now. The best thing that can happen to them is to be booted off the gov’t teet and challenged to find a real job in the real world outside of the over-paid, under-worked beltway. I’m with you on that.

  8. Trump isn’t even in office yet and is draining the swamp. The democrat parasites should try their luck in the private sector. Most woukd be lucky to land a job cooking French fries or mopping restroom floors.

  9. @AbigailAdams; You’re right Abigail, this is where the real world will start being their teacher. Ironically enough, I wonder how many of them in a year or so will be glad Trump is President because this is a man who knows how to create real wealth and a real economy that got them a real job.

  10. “It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” said Mira Patel, a longtime Clinton aide who went from her Senate office to the State Department and, starting last summer, her presidential campaign.
    Well d’uh ya’ dumb f*cktard. No jobs=a large portion of the Obozo legacy.
    Perhaps you will learn what it is to really search for a job instead of getting one because mommy and daddy donated X millions to Senator Blowme.

    Do these people have any skills or abilities beyond aerobic whining and constant lying?

  11. These worthless subversives, and their RINO neocon allies, are why 95+ million Americans are jobless.

    I hope every last one of them starves to death in the snow.

  12. Tell me where Jen Psaki is dancing. I’ve always been a sucker for large chested redheads. One drink and a lap dance should do it. Large chested redheads and I never advance from wild animal sex to an actual relationship.

  13. If I was hiring I would make sure the head hunter used their keyword search to block any resumes that included Federal, government, GSA, Washington DC, EPA, Dept of Education, Department of Energy, DHS, CIA, FBI, TSA, congress, lobbyist, etc.

  14. I just noticed this in the subheading when I went to read the article: “Trump’s unexpected win has Democrats coping with a vastly smaller job market for their skills.” Cunning, treachery, lying and backstabbing are out with this administration, but maybe they could market those “skills” with the media.

  15. In addition to losing their jobs, I hope Trump seriously downsizes the fed bureaucracy so these newly-unemployeds can’t sell even their Beltway houses.

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