Joe Biden Suggests He is Still the Vice President While In Iowa This Week – IOTW Report

Joe Biden Suggests He is Still the Vice President While In Iowa This Week

Pen: Former Vice President Joe Biden seemed to suggest he is still Vice President during an interview while campaigning in Iowa earlier this week.

Biden was speaking in a locker room in front of a bunch of “Biden Workers of Iowa” signs when he began talking about building standards and housing.

Joe Biden then said, “If you were able to continue to have what WE proposed…what I proposed…the President and I have tax credits for insulating homes…”

This would have most likely been a minor gaffe if it was the first time Joe Biden had mistaken himself for still being Vice President. In reality, he has actually made the mistake several times, even calling other Democrat candidates “President” and “Future President”. read more

21 Comments on Joe Biden Suggests He is Still the Vice President While In Iowa This Week

  1. I saw a clip of Joe from Iowa where he was taking to the screens with his back to the audience. Dementia much?

  2. The Good GENERAL Svejk NOVEMBER 3, 2019 AT 12:07 PM
    “Butt HE doesn’t have a “Meme Team” like Liz does!:”

    …Communist have NO sense of humor and are NEVER, EVER funny…

  3. There are also times during hid busy day that he thinks he’s Napoleon Bonaparte.

  4. TO SNS
    [in the Seinfeld Soup Nazi voice] “Off to the gulag with YOU!”

  5. How far Fox News has sunk; they have Joe Biden beating President Trump by 12 points. 😮

  6. Like Chatty Kathy, or in his case G.I. Don’t Know Joe, somebody just sets him on the stage, pulls the string in his back and a well worn record plays back old speeches.

  7. @The general

    They also have polls showing a majority want impeachment.
    Fox has become garbage truck juice.

  8. Ha, I wasn’t even in Iowa. I was in Ohio.

  9. More and more he’s beginning to look more like Banjo Boy in Deliverance.

  10. Helo Driver, that’s what I refer to as a “shit-eating grin”, or more politely a “mule eating briars”. “Startled possum” is a strong contender too.

  11. I’ve said this about Hillary and Nancy, and now Joe – isn’t there anyone in their family that loves them enough to get them help?

    Sad and pathetic.

  12. In his defense, Delirious Joe is just doing what he did while he was VP: NOTHING useful.
    He was the potted plant, Baronk was the Empty Chair.
    Who is surprised?!

    The question to ponder is, who has sponsored this lifelong parasitic sponge?
    Satan is my top pick.

  13. With my Mom, the dementia started with forgetting how to operate the sewing machine or the oven. Then recent events were forgotten. Then the grandkids’ names. Pretty soon she was left with her old friends from childhood. Looks like Joe is following the same pattern. Going backwards to what he remembers. By this time next year he will be talking about his college days. By then he will be in assisted living.

  14. Biden entered the Senate in 1973 ! ! !

    He looks and sounds old for his age.

  15. And Hitlary thinks she’s POTUS.
    They should run on the same ticket as the Delusional Duo.

  16. “Joe Biden is so losing it…”

    “How so losing it is he?”

    “He’s so losing it he needs to be put down.”

  17. Maybe Jill is letting him give the hospital enough proof that he needs to he committed — then she can finally be rid of him.


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