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NRA Gets Last Laugh At Beto

The organization most targeted for hatred by former House member Robert Francis O’Rourke, the National Rifle Association, wasted no time in giving the failed presidential hopeful a proper send off. Here

13 Comments on NRA Gets Last Laugh At Beto

  1. Beta is a rookie. More nefarious Democrats wait until AFTER they get elected before they talk about grabbing guns.

  2. It’s perfectly alright to gloat when you’ve had to put up with that much crap from the drooling idiot. We all join you!!!

  3. It ain’t over yet. Gun grabbers will learn from Beato’s failure.

  4. Some media fool labeled him as “Kennedyesque”, he. has neither intelligence or wit.
    Might need to change his handle to Beaten,

  5. Now Beto be Biden his time.

    Hey Joe! You need Beto in your campaign!

  6. From Beano to Re-Fried Beano!

    Know what you get if you process oats through a horse?
    A Demonrat!

    Hell yes, Beans! Slouching back to Gomorrah … maybe daddy-in-law will get you a real job, this time.

    We’re not rid of this pustule … this turbulent priest of nihilism … this instrument of tyranny. Like a hemorrhoid – he’ll be back.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. He is lucky his impotent, flaccid campaign sagged (yes those were intended insults).

    If he had somehow been fraudulently elected, real Americans would have played “Whack a Mole” with his head and our AR-15s. The Secret Service would have had to keep him in a windowless underground bunker for his only term, just to maintain his nasty oxygen habit.

    All of the Democrats in the clown car despise the 2A and thus the Constitution and are traitors, so none are fit to hold ANY political office.


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