Judge Slaps Greenpeace With Huge Fines For Blocking Ship

A US judge in Anchorage has slapped a massive accumulating fine on Greenpeace of $2500 per hour, rising to $10,000 / hour, for every hour Greenpeace activists block Shell Oil ship MSV Fennica from leaving Portland, to sail for Alaska.

People vs Shell

BlurBrain- Fortunately for Greenpeace the Portland police saved them a ton of money (more’s the pity) by simply cutting the ropes from which the protestors were suspended.

An even greater pity was that they didn’t just let the dumbasses fall the 60 feet or so to the water and then, “leave them what survive the fall swim for shore.” No, the dadgum fire dept. took the trouble to rig new lines before the anchors were cut giving the protestors the option of either lowering themselves voluntarily or being lowered, like it or not.

Of course, by putting on this silly demonstration, Greenpeace wasn’t only blockading the icebreaker, they were interfering with all shipping, both coming and going.  More

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  1. Liberals are a pain in the ass. They should have run the ship right through them. Maybe parked with the smokestack underneath them for awhile.

  2. I was on the bridge of the USS New Jersey when we were blocked by Greenpeace by their activists hanging below the Astoria bridge.

    We were headed TO Portland, and the tides were critical (deep draft, 60K tons). We circled for awhile outside Astoria, and the Commanding Officer got to the point of frustration where he said “FUCK ‘EM. AIM FOR THE GUY IN THE MIDDLE!”

    We did so, and the Greenpeace pussies scurried up quickly to avoid the huge mast that was coming at them.

    We made it to the Portland Rose Festival, and good times were had by all.

    Here’s the video, if interested:


  3. [While] Greenpeace activists block[ed] Shell Oil ship MSV Fennica from leaving Portland…[the police] simply cut the ropes from which the protestors were suspended.

    You mean those “ropes” of synthetic fibers made from…OIL? And their plastic helmets made from…OIL? And the steel parts they use made from iron ore dug out of the ground by massive earth-movers that run on…OIL? And the big rigs that carry these goods to market that run on…OIL? And the asphalt roads they drive on made from…OIL?

    In a real world, these retards would be locked up.

    dysfunction [dis-fuhngk-shuh n] noun

    1. a consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system

    Eradicate the left.

  4. Moe,

    His name was Ron Tucker, great guy, took no shit. This was 1990, during Bush senior. Hard to believe it was that long ago.

    P.S. Capt Tucker, sorry to use your name, but it was fun being part of your wardroom.

  5. Capt. Tucker was one of the best CO’s I ever had. Even as a booter in #3 ER, I saw him as much as my DIVO. Loved how he basically told OPPE to eff off Pearl.

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