The View’s Nicolle Wallace: Comparison of Planned Parenthood to Lion Scandal is ‘A Disgrace to Cecil’

Newsbusters– On today’s session of The View, supposed “conservative voice” Nicolle Wallace again showed her true liberal colors.  In a discussion surrounding Cecil the Lion, co-host Raven-Symoné declared that “people for #BlackLivesMatter are outlash – are backlashing too, because they said ‘it’s a lion, but when we tried to start a movement, it didn’t get as much hoopla.’ And I don’t believe that’s true.”

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Wallace then responded that “it goes both ways. Conservatives are making the same point about Planned Parenthood, but I think that’s a disgrace to Cecil the Lion.”  MORE

SNIP: Would it be okay with Progs if Cecil’s parts were picked over for research, too?

15 Comments on The View’s Nicolle Wallace: Comparison of Planned Parenthood to Lion Scandal is ‘A Disgrace to Cecil’

  1. Cecil the Lion, Planned Parenthood, Kim Kardashian , . . all disgusting things but they’re all different.
    I see no point in comparing the asshole dentist who shot a famous lion to planned parenthood. Different things. Equally disgusting.
    I have room in my heart to find them all horrendous, separately.

    The View is still on?

  2. Up till now, I have had no desire to shoot a lion but anymore comparisons between selling body parts of innocent babies to shooting a lion, who by his vary nature, kills humans and animals, and I may just decide to hunt leo.

  3. Wah f’ing WAH to the bleeding hearts that accept baby killing! I’d kill a hundred Cecil’s, a hundred Clarence the Cross Eyed Lions, Tiggers, etc… if it were to save the 50mil+ babies since Roe v Wade.

    Anyone who presents disgust for Cecil and doesn’t exhibit a thousand times more disgust for the murder of our children doesn’t get anything from me besides my absolute and unconditional contempt.

  4. I guess the end goal of all these pissants is to stop hunting altogether. No more guns, no more hunting, no more safaris.
    I’m not a hunter and neither is Dr. Palmer. The difference is I do not want to shoot an animal, he does. Up until the death of Cecil
    I never heard of an outcry against safaris. But I guess is was in the making all these years with the making of “White Hunter Black Heart,” “Hatari!,” “Born Free,” and so forth
    Safaris are big business in Africa. The dentist paid fifty thousand dollars to the to the white hunter guide, who paid a fair penny, i am sure, to the local chiefs. It’s their way of life over there. They kill Lions, Tigers, Rhinos, Liberals, Hippipotomi, Gazelles, White Farmers, Bartenders, and Christians every day over there in that shithole. But Cecil? What a fucking shame

    Ah the do gooders. I remember when the do gooders banned DDT because it was dangerous. End result of the ban? Millions of Africans died of malaria. DDT killed mosquiteos. No DDT, Trillions of malaria carrying mosquiteos and tse tse flys.

    Good night folks. I’m exhausted.

  5. What is coming out now is that some of those babies are being delivered alive to then be dissected. Cecil’s shooting is bad, but PP is worse than Mengele and the Nazis. Defund them now!

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