Judicial Watch Seeking Draft of Whitewater Indictments

The government open records organization, Judicial Watch, has discovered that a draft indictment of Hillary Clinton and Web Hubbell exists and is being held by the National Archives.


With 38 pages, and another folder of 200 pages, labeled, “Hilary Rodham Clinton/Webster L. Hubbell Draft Indictment,” the National Archive is refusing to release them because of the “invasion of personal privacy.”

Hey, remember when Obama ran for the Senate and had his opponents sealed divorce proceedings opened? I guess that wasn’t too big an invasion of privacy.


The article makes clear why the Rose Law Firm billing records are so important to demonstrating Hillary’s role in the Whitewater fraud cover up.


8 Comments on Judicial Watch Seeking Draft of Whitewater Indictments

  1. Not your average American citizen.

    The Clinton’s are the elite, their records are either destroyed, erased or sealed.

    As long as they and the socialist/progressives are in control of power, they are above the law.

  2. Perhaps the Clintoons will spend huge amounts of Foundation money to cover up, lie, obfuscate, steal, kill more…anything to avoid the Grim Reaper…these fleabags from Arkansas need to be dealt with permanently…

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