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Just One More Thing Obama Lied About

Townhall/Wayne Allyn Root:

I’m not going to say, “At least one positive thing has come out of the coronavirus pandemic.” Because there’s nothing positive to say about a tragic, deadly health crisis and economic catastrophe like this. There is no “bright side.”

But we did learn something important. Obama lied. Again.

Barack Obama was the biggest liar in the history of the U.S. presidency.

First, he lied about transparency. His administration was the most corrupt and secretive in history. See Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails. See Anthony Weiner’s laptop. See the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign aides. And, of course, it’s clear Obama coordinated and approved the entire FBI/Department of Justice criminal coup against Trump.

See former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden robbing taxpayers blind in Ukraine and China. See the nearly $145 million bribe (I mean donation) Russians and others gave to The Clinton Foundation when Clinton was secretary of state and a large portion of America’s uranium stock was handed to Russia.

Obama lied through his teeth about the IRS scandal. The IRS’ targeting of conservative groups wasn’t some small mistake out of a small IRS office in Cincinnati, as Obama claimed. It was a White House-coordinated attempt to destroy the lives of Obama’s critics. I should know; I was one of the victims.

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  1. Sheridan Le Fanu, Mr Justice Harbottle

    The prisoner, in limine, objected to this pretended court, as being a sham, and nonexistent in point of law; and then, that, even if it were a court constituted by law, (the Judge was growing dazed), it had not and could not have any jurisdiction to try him for his conduct on the bench.

    Whereupon the chief-justice laughed suddenly, and every one in court, turning round upon the prisoner, laughed also, till the laugh grew and roared all round like a deafening acclamation; he saw nothing but glittering eyes and teeth, a universal stare and grin; but though all the voices laughed, not a single face of all those that concentrated their gaze upon him looked like a laughing face. The mirth subsided as suddenly as it began.

    The indictment was read. Judge Harbottle actually pleaded! He pleaded “Not guilty.” A jury were sworn. The trial proceeded. Judge Harbottle was bewildered. This could not be real. He must be either mad, or going mad, he thought.

    One thing could not fail to strike even him. This Chief-Justice Twofold, who was knocking him about at every turn with sneer and gibe, and roaring him down with his tremendous voice, was a dilated effigy of himself; an image of Mr. Justice Harbottle, at least double his size, and with all his fierce colouring, and his ferocity of eye and visage, enhanced awfully.

    Nothing the prisoner could argue, cite, or state was permitted to retard for a moment the march of the case towards its catastrophe.

    The chief-justice seemed to feel his power over the jury, and to exult and riot in the display of it. He glared at them, he nodded to them; he seemed to have established an understanding with them. The lights were faint in that part of the court. The jurors were mere shadows, sitting in rows; the prisoner could see a dozen pair of white eyes shining, coldly, out of the darkness; and whenever the judge in his charge, which was contemptuously brief, nodded and grinned and gibed, the prisoner could see, in the obscurity, by the dip of all these rows of eyes together, that the jury nodded in acquiescence.

    And now the charge was over, the huge chief-justice leaned back panting and gloating on the prisoner. Every one in the court turned about, and gazed with steadfast hatred on the man in the dock. From the jury-box where the twelve sworn brethren were whispering together, a sound in the general stillness like a prolonged ” hiss-s-s!” was heard; and then, in answer to the challenge of the officer, “How say you, gentlemen of the jury, guilty or not guilty?” came in a melancholy voice the finding, “Guilty.”

  2. face it, this is not news …. Obama lied about everything, willingly, joyfully, gleefully, seditiously

    when you find something he didn’t lie about … that’s News!


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