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  1. Saw snippets.
    He doesn’t think McCabe and Comey showed bias. LOLOLOLOL

    But he said FISA was abused and the info was bullshit.

    Ohhh but no bias though???

  2. Just looked at the recommendations in the executive summary. The FBI should do this and that, but no indictments, not even for flunkies.

    Fuck this guy, he’s part of the problem. Sharpen your blades, looking more and more every day like we’re going to have to take care of this ourselves.

  3. McCabe and Comey are now vindicated the way Hillary was over the e-mail stuff.

    The Mob takes care of its own.

  4. Total whitewash. Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney John Durham do not agree with Horowitz’s conclusions. Stay tuned for more developments.

  5. Even though both McCabe and Comey admitted, and still are, to their bias Inspector Clouseau could not find hide nor hair of it!

  6. is it just what you figured it would be?

    another bureaucrat tying himself in knots with his political double speak burying any reason for charges

  7. He’s not a cop, can’t do anything. That’s up to Barr and Durham.
    IG’s don’t want to get involved, really, because they don’t like people mad at them.
    Now, Horro is just gonna raise his hands up like- “Hey, whatta ya want from me? that’s all I know, sorry.”

    Yes, he is an asshole friend of deepstaters, though. No question.

  8. CIA should prepare a defense. Because that’s where the FBI got that bullshit info from, and ran with it even when they realized it was bullshit.

    Does anyone know where Hillary is right now?

  9. Whitewash, pure and simple. Our government is corrupt to the bone. Our top law enforcement agency, the FBI, is above the law.

    Annie, get your guns. And plenty of ammo. You’re gonna need ’em.

  10. Durham is talking shit already. LOL.
    He’s saying IG doesn’t know anything because he had a limited scope to look at. And Barr, Durham have all the information IG doesn’t have.

    And from Barr:

    Attorney General Barr: “The Inspector General’s report now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.”

    1:06 PM – Dec 9, 2019

  11. @johncardillo
    Durham has a much broader scope and access to witnesses and evidence than Horowitz did.

    Durham does not agree with Horowitz’s conclusions.

    This might still get interesting.

    1:33 PM – Dec 9, 2019

  12. Watching this hearing today & Rep Collins asked Prog attorney Goldman who ordered the subpeonas & who directed to play the “Match Game” with the phone numbers. Goldman refused to answer.

  13. Keep in mind- The senate, POTUS, etc. can ask Barr and Durham to investigate. Even if those two weren’t interested. But I think they are.

  14. From page 3:
    “Crossfire Hurricane was opened as a Full Investigation and all of the senior FBI officials who participated in discussions about whether to open a case told us the information warranted opening it.”

    Yup, whitewash.

  15. We can finally put this whole IG report nonsense and the Rethug three-ring-distraction out of our minds and the collective consciousness of the American people and focus on impeaching the Criminal Cheeto. Faux News’ Tick-Tock club must be shitting themselves over their utter loss of what minuscule credibility they ever had! Bwahahahahahaha. Hannity had “inside sources with direct knowledge!!” Bwahahahahahaha you conservs beclown yourselves daily. Hopefully, Biden or Warren can get this economy back on track AND restore our standing in the world community. Obama should be able to help them with his knowledge and record of getting things done. Drumpf will be another sad and pathetic footnote in the Rethug history of rancid white nationalism, rascism, misogyny, homophobia and backwards patriarchy. Nuff Said!!

  16. @Anonymous DECEMBER 9, 2019 AT 2:06 PM

    I guess it’s never too early in the day to start using hallucinogenics for some people.

  17. So in other words, what THEY say in their msNPC spin for YOU to HEAR. . .

    If YOU, American Citizen, make an error or mistatement or technical glitch to the IRS or FBI or LGB Agents or Agencies, you will be jailed for upto LIFE plus more fun.

    If THEY deliberately, oops, make place errors to use against YOU it will be judged as minor paperworks clerical quirks that happen all the time and human imperfections and stuff and ooops happens so carry on. Deep Agents donot never make mistakes they know they can later deny as accidents.


    We all live in a yellow submarine and See You and Hear You Now CNNNBCNPCs and New York District Media Attorneys in altered states of ever loving hate.

    The WORLD is Listening and Watching.

  18. @DrRiff Delusion much?? You sit there stewing in your own ignorance attempting to defend a racist criminal and his band of thieves that stole the election from the true people’s choice. Remember, SHE WON THE POPULAR VOTE! Now he is trying to codify his thief by having his people weaponize the US government against the congressmen/women trying to expose his criminal activities and truly shady foreign government connections. Thank God for the valiant efforts of Nadler and Schiff in defending our constitution and really exposing habitual liars like Trump, Collins, Jordan, and Nunes. The 2020 Blue Wave can’t come soon enough!

  19. @Anonymous DECEMBER 9, 2019 AT 3:18 PM:
    You really aren’t too bright. So much ignorance packed into one paragraph, let’s just pick one of your stupid comments. Nobody stole anything from Hitlery, we elect OUR president via the electoral college (it’s in the constitution, available at bookstores and the internet everywhere).

    Yes, the constitutional republic’s equivalent of the participation trophy.

    Bonus: You may be the only person on the face of God’s green earth ever to use the word valiant in the same sentence with Nadler and Schiff.

    You win the internet Dunce of the Day award. Congrats.

  21. The FBI didn’t vet any of theinformation that was used to open an investigation yet Horowitch states that it was properly and correctly opened. This is a whitewash with enough little leaks to placate conservatives into thinking real change would occur and the truth will out. If Barr doesn’t fire for cause every person whose name appears as doing even the slightest thing wrong (missed a comma in typing a report) then he’s likely part of this coup and anything he’s investigating is likely a lie as well.


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