Over 7,000 Former Journalists To Consider Future Careers In Computer Coding

John Nolte At Breitbart

Business Insider reports around 7,700 people lost their media jobs this year, which is more — a lot more — than the 5000 who lost their media jobs over the four years between 2014 – 2017. Being a glass half-full kind of guy, I don’t like to think of it as 7,700 media jobs lost. I like to think of it as a gain of 7,700 future computer coders. More

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  1. They can go back and get another degree:in women’s, black or gay studies. They’ll be rats swimming to a sinking ship.

  2. Now if only +500 elected officials at the federal level would be forced to learn code because of negative vote results in the next election that would be perfect!

  3. Are these the same media hacks that have been rooting for open borders, year after year?
    Now they get to experience the competition for jobs we’ve been warning about.
    Good luck with getting any construction jobs. Most of those are filled … by illegal aliens.
    And until dishonest hack Jeff Zucker is one of the unemployed media hacks, the shrinkage is insufficient. Hell – he’s a major cause of the shrinkage.

  4. …so, every video game will have an IMPEACH TRUMP message embedded in the background from now on?

    …remember, they are OBSESSED and they AIN’T gonna let it go, and wherever they go, they will spread that hate in WHATEVER they do…

  5. NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I was in the industry for 35 years. There are way too many pretenders already.
    Worse, now I am a teacher and I cannot see most of the former journalists being able to pass my classes. Leave the jobs for my students that want, and need, the jobs to support their families

  6. Stupid move. Journalistas are not smart enough.

    If they dare to, they should try mining, oil work, construction, auto tech, HVAC, electrical, or anything that cant be farmed out to India via electronic & internet communications.

    But that’s too HARD for the little SNOWFLAKES!

  7. Yes, I am aware of the meme, but this was my first chance here to really resist. They can all become garbagemen and janitors … errr … excuse me, sanitation engineers

  8. That’s going to be tough – you can’t prevaricate code; unlike a liberal, the compiler can detect bullshit immediately.


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