Just seen on Perry Mason – Mason’s Lookalike Cousin, Perry Biden

Holy smokes, this is simultaneously hilarious and frightening. The first Perry Mason episode ever is called “The Case of the Restless Redhead.”

Me TV is airing it now.

Here is the opening scene- Mason tells a potential client to examine a gun she found in a cigarette box in her home.

I’m surprised he didn’t tell her to shake it to see if she could see any bullets moving down the barrel.

“Ya gotta smack it on the coffee table… Still nothing? Taste it?”

How did this show last past the opening scene?

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  1. Speaking of appropriate TV shows, I saw on SyFy this morning an episode of the Twilight Zone, “The Obsolete Man”, with Burgess Merideth.

  2. Maybe that’s why he was in a wheel chair when he was “Ironside”. He inspected a gun for himself with the same advice he gave the redhead.

  3. And it’s not even wheel gun Wednesday. Holy crap. I’ll skip the obvious dumb ass shit going on here. Quite surprising for the times. METV is one of my FAVS. Mannix, Cannon, Bat Masterson, 77 Sunset Strip, HiWay Patrol, Maverick, Peter Gunn, Rawhide, Trackdown, Wagon Train, and the best show ever, Have Gun Will Travel. Oh yea, and Route 66. I have a man cave and the channel never changes.

  4. Huron comes out of his corner and….DELIVERS A KNOCKOUT!!!! This fight is over! Huron, with a 6 second K.O. just devastated the topic with an uppercut that laid his opponent on the canvass like a slab of bacon.

    Not even waiting for the official announcement…Huron, waves to the crowd as he makes his way back to the dressing room.

  5. Don’t touch another’s gun (heh heh – advice for Buttigieg, too).
    Don’t put your fingerprints on it.

    Ain’t cha never watched “Payback?”
    Oh, “Perry Mason” pre-dated “Payback” – my bad.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Back in THOSE days, handling guns was MAN’S BUSINESS!

    Clearly this little lady needs a HUSBAND to take care of these things, lest she accidentally eat a bullet… and then find out how it really DOES taste! 😳

    Who knew Biden’s mom was in the first episode of Perry Mason?!?! 😆

  7. LOLOL!!!!
    After, AFTER, he tells her to put her fingerprints on it by sniffing the gun, looking down the barrel, by waving it around her face, pointing it at her head, he gets annoyed and asks her why she didn’t call the cops. lol.

    He should have asked her to stick her finger in and feel for bullets.
    Asked her if the trigger seemed loose.

    Was she the reason he ended up in a wheelchair on Ironsides?

  8. Typical ambulance chaser, the first thing he did when she came on the phone was to check his watch and start the billable money charge!


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