Kamala and Feinstein “deeply disappointed” with Trump’s judicial nominees to 9th Circuit – IOTW Report

Kamala and Feinstein “deeply disappointed” with Trump’s judicial nominees to 9th Circuit


Trump will nominate three to liberal 9th Circuit.

The White House on Wednesday announced a trio of nominees to fill vacancies on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a move that comes after conservatives warned that the White House Counsel’s Office was attempting to cut a deal with California’s Democratic senators over picks to the court.

President Trump intends to nominate Daniel Bress, Daniel Collins, and Kenneth Lee to the San Francisco-based appeals court, considered to be the country’s most liberal, the White House announced.

Collins and Lee were tapped to fill vacancies on the 9th Circuit last year, but their nominations were returned at the end of the last Congress. Bress, meanwhile, was on the White House’s initial list of candidates for the appeals court.

The president also plans to nominate four others to federal district courts in California, including Patrick Bumatay, whom Trump nominated to the 9th Circuit last year, the White House said.

The announcement regarding the 9th Circuit nominees comes after the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board said Tuesday morning the White House Counsel’s Office, led by Pat Cipollone, was on the verge of making concessions to Democratic California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris over nominees to the court that would fill California’s three seats.

Feinstein and Harris had urged the White House last year to work with them on finding agreement on a “consensus package of nominees.”

“A concession to them now on nominees would rightly be seen as political weakness,” the Journal’s editorial board said of the two senators. “It would concede influence that neither senator has earned and set a precedent for other Democrats who would demand similar consideration.”

Democrats, the board continued, are attempting to “cajole White House concessions now because they know it will be harder to defeat nominees with 53 GOP senators.”

A number of conservatives echoed the concerns raised by the editorial board, taking to Twitter to sound the alarm.

“Sens Harris and Feinstein wrote the book on dirty politics during the Kavanaugh process & are bullying Trump’s other noms. They refused to negotiate in good faith on picking 9th circuit noms before. Why let them undermine Trump’s greatest legacy?” Carrie Severino, chief counsel of Judicial Crisis Network, tweeted.  more here

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  1. I like how he led kamala and feinstein to believe he was going to accept THEIR suggestions.
    Then he said, “Oh, no, sorry! I just heard from the people and that’s not what the people want.”

  2. That’s the greatest endorsement these Judicial Nominees to the Ninth Circuit could ever receive. Now, break up the Ninth Circuit by creating another one that doesn’t include any of the Left Coast states.

  3. Elections have consequences (unless of course you are Bill Clinton whose would go by “erections have consequences!). Kamala may also have an understanding of where an ol’ stiffie might getcha.

  4. Just because it is reported that Trump or his administration is negotiating with the liberals does not mean he intends to cave. You have to remember that the Donald is used to playing the long game and that requires strategic moves and feints to draw your opponent off guard into a situation that he controls.

    With President Trump you see he is constantly trying to maintain and increase his moral superiority in the electorate. The people that elected him are the kind of folks who you would describe as being moral and decent people. The Deplorables, which these people were labelled as being, are the real backbone of the nation and they see the hypocrisy of the left for what it is and while they may be concerned about rumored agreements with the democrats by the president they will ultimately give him the benefit of the doubt and for the large part he has acted to reward that faith.

  5. If the leftists weren’t disappointed you would know the nominees weren’t any good.
    They’re looking for judges who will rule that “aborting” ahem…..murdering a baby at birth or near birth or after birth is fine and dandy and constitutional.


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