Kareem of Beat

An ugly cloud of assault in a Cleveland hotel hallway has been hanging over the head of Kansas City Chief’s running back, Kareem Hunt, since February. Both the Cleveland police and the Chief’s investigated. Cleveland detectives had possession of security camera video of the incident, but had not shared it with the NFL.

The footage finally leaked yesterday by TMZ, leading to Hunt’s immediate release by his team and suspension by the league.  The confrontation was initiated when one of the women refused to “hook up” with a member of Hunt’s entourage. It’s that little kick at the end that really sums up the kind of man Kareem Hunt really is. More

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  1. “Charges were not filed and no arrests were made ‘because officers say they were unable to determine if a crime had been committed'”.

    Wow…just, WOW.

  2. LOL! Yet these chicks wait in line to date these fools.

    “I want to apologize for my actions,” Hunt told ESPN. “I deeply regret what I did. I hope to move on from this.”

    Uh huh. Move on to the next one.

  3. Ummm, not the first time for that girl or she would have left the first time she was pushed to the floor.

    We could empty out the locker rooms if there was an NFL, NBA #METOO movement

  4. Another finalist for the OJ Simpson trophy for running back of the year…
    ….and this happened last February….The NFL and the Chiefs gots some ‘splainin’ to do…..

  5. Time to put an end to the National Felon League. If this dodesn’t happen, them a bond of a billion dollars should be extracted from the owners of these teams. Thugs ARE dangerous.

  6. Like Hollywood, the NFL has fixers with pockets full of money to persuade noble public officials just how much good they can do with the generous donations to their Head Start program.

  7. I’ll give the creep a couple more years before the fire department is cutting his stinking corpse out of the brand new Ferrari he wrapped around a utility pole.

  8. This is my opinion…YMMV.

    But…. What’s up with dreadlocks? They are ugly, filthy, and make you like like an idiot.

    If I was an employer, and you had dreds and were looking for a job. I’d go thru the routine interview to avoid legal issues, but the moment you walked out the door…your ‘resume’ goes in the trash.

  9. I do not know why black football players wear those tight wraparound things on their heads. I have never seen a white player do that.

    Does anybody know the answer?

  10. I was at a hotel in San Diego a few days before the SB was held in that city. The hotel was hosting one of the teams. The who-ers were already there and parading around showing off their assets. Fooling around with big, violent, and sometimes drunken men could have painful consequences. Feminists will say that I am blaming the victim. I’m not, but I am saying be careful and understand the risks.

    There are certainly lots of places I would not go to because the risks are too high. Women who think they can go anywhere and will always be treated with gentleness are not being realistic…to the point of being downright stupid.


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