Karen Metal

The guy who takes viral videos and sets them to music has outdone himself. This is Grammy material.

He oughta contact this lady and get a legit band.

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  1. I’m not that surprised that the screeching grating cords of metal coincide with all the Karen’s screeching grating voices but kudos anyway…

  2. The same soy beans that make dude a skinny
    jeans antiqueefa fag makes Karen hyperfeminized
    and that is why you see these young womens spazzing
    out.Could you imagine being married to that harpie
    in the vid ???

  3. Music with a message “WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”

    Can that be upload that to an alarm clock? Talk about a billion dollar idea.

  4. Karens…There’s no way in hell they will turn you on, but they’ll damn sure turn you in. I just can’t turn this one down, though lolol

  5. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take 2 seconds of that. Hard to listen to first thing in the morning. I hope it hasn’t set my mood to a “Karen” mood. I will refrain from being nasty today. Th music was appropriate for the video. Karen is pure Satanic. I hope she got the jab. That’s what the jab turns you into…a ZOOOOMBIE and then you die.

  6. Thanks a lot, BFH. Now I’ll spend the rest of the day looking for more! Anybody see “Get Out of My Car”? LOL! What a creative guy! Loved this, and thanks for posting!


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