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Kari Lake Files 70 Page Lawsuit Against Maricopa County


Arizona Republican Kari Lake has launched a legal bid to overturn her defeat in November’s state-governor election, calling for the result to be “nullified” and her declared the winner.

On Monday, the Arizona election results were certified, with Lake losing to Democratic rival Katie Hobbs by just over 17,000 votes.

In response, Lake filed a 70-page lawsuit against Hobbs and a number of election officials in Maricopa County, which included Phoenix, the Arizona state capital. It claims that voting irregularities “nullifies” the result, meaning either Lake should be declared the winner or the election refought. More

10 Comments on Kari Lake Files 70 Page Lawsuit Against Maricopa County

  1. Probably a novel argument, probably be dismissed as “no standing” due to election being “certified” as good-enough.
    Not right.
    Not fair.
    Just close enough for government work.

  2. “Probably a novel argument, probably be dismissed as “no standing”

    She doing the same suits that have doe before. She seem naive. Has no clue all through this process. News Flash darling. When they delay the tally, they’re cheating. Most likely harvesting votes. The California model. Harvesting votes is illegal in AZ. Why hasn’t she added that in her suit. She already has whistle blowers that will attest to just that. I’m starting to thing the GOP is advising her. I’m disappointed.

  3. The more cheaters are knee-capped, the less cheating there will be.

    And, when knee-capping is insufficient, stronger measures should be incorporated.

  4. I’m gonna go Brad on this…Maricopa County is todays Lexington and Concord….It’s throwing tea off the boat in Boston harbor….It’s Normandy….It’s the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor : ) …..Seriously, if Kari Lake isn’t declared the Governor of Arizona and those responsible aren’t held for high crimes and treason. Judged, convicted and executed, then it’s all over but the fighting….

  5. Simple she f’n lost, next!
    But but but but butt…
    Everyone loves a winner.
    Nobody loves s loser.
    9 ways to Sunday she lost
    But my butt hurts!

  6. The point of applying to the “law” is to legitimize the use of force when the “law” fails. And the “law” will fail – because it is biased and corrupt.

    Facts mean absolutely nothing to a system of law based on the perpetuation of power.
    Our legal system is a cudgel for political ends – see: J6 for instance – Whitmer “kidnapping” bullshit, for another – FBI’s perjury before a FISA court with no repercussions, for another – Gruber, Pelosi, Schumer, and Obola’s conspiracy to deceive and defraud America by their ObolaCare scheming, for another – &c., &c., &c.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “Probably a novel argument, probably be dismissed as “no standing”
    At 70 pages, certainly more that a short story.

  8. The cheaters are bold and think they can laugh it off because they’ve been getting away with it but if and when it can be proven they broke the law they will have to pay for it. I wish Kari Lake the best.

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