Kasich attacked for telling female coeds not to attend parties “where there’s a lot of alcohol”

HotAir: Here’s one suggestion for all of the presidential candidates out on the trail this month… don’t get involved with any questions regarding all the unrest at the nation’s colleges.


The campuses are just festering holes of distraction overrun by Social Justice Warriors who are essentially going to be a lost cause until they get out of there into the real world and receive a stiff dose of reality. And whenever the candidates try to address some of the concerns being raised there will always be somebody ready to smack them down, no matter how reasonable or well intentioned the response may have been.

A prime example of this phenomenon was on display when Ohio Governor John Kasich gave a speech in Watertown, New York and took questions in a town hall format. A young woman who is a freshman attending a college near there asked Kasich what he would do, “to help me feel safer and more secure regarding sexual violence, harassment, and rape?”


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  1. First his answer, while incomplete is entirely reasonable. Avoiding groups of testosterone/alcohol fueled young men isn’t a bad idea.

    I would have added to get proficient with a firearm and carry.

  2. I’m not a Kasich fan nor would I ever vote for the guy. Staying away from parties where there’s alcohol isn’t going to happen. When I was a senior in high school ,me and a friend were invited to a frat party in Bezerkley. Well, my friend hooks up with this guy and they disappear for about an hour. She ends up pregnant and gave birth to twins. We both put ourselves into a situation that turned out badly. My friend was book smart, got a scholarship, yet she was dumb enough to be alone with this guy. I had the common sense which has served me well for all these years.

  3. I’m not a Kasich voter, but when I do vote, I vote for the most interesting man on the planet who will blow-up the most heads in D.C.

  4. There’s a world of sex out there that doesn’t involve harassment, violence, and/or rape, and a lot of young people of both sexes participate enthusiastically whether the rest of us like it or not. So, avoiding parties with lots of alcohol is perhaps good advice for young women to avoid the coercive stuff, but terrible advice for young women who want to get laid.

    Illustration: My starter/practice wife was an RA in a girls’ dorm back in the 60s. Some of her charges would be only half joking when they said that after stumbling back to their rooms after a night of partying, they’d take off their panties and throw them against the wall. If when they woke up later that day the panties were still stuck to the wall, they would know that they had a good time the night before.

  5. You know, even as an absolutely clueless 18-year-old college freshman with zero dating experience, I knew enough not to drink on dates. My reasoning was that I needed to keep my wits about me in mixed company.

    These people who are attacking Kasich’s sound advice are stupid assholes, and the people they claim to be defending are even stupider.

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