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Kathy Griffin Curses Up A Storm On ‘The View’

Daily Caller: Producers on ABC’s “The View” were hard at work on Monday saving the network from comedian Kathy Griffin’s potty mouth.

Griffin joined “The View” to discuss the backlash surrounding her photo with a mock-up of President Trump’s severed head and, despite being on a broadcast news network in the middle of the day, she had no problem using profane language.

The Daily Caller counted at least five times in the ten minute segment that producers had to mute Griffin after she dropped curse words. The first instance happened within a minutes of Griffin being at “The View” roundtable. If not censored, such language could cost the network some significant cash in FCC fines.

At one point, Griffin was explaining how she was under FBI investigation for the photo — the sound cut out as she appeared to say “it’s f**ked up.”

At the end of the segment, the cohosts seemed unsure as to whether or not Griffin was supposed to be returning after the commercial break. Whoopi Golberg cut off Griffin but insisted they wanted to hear more, causing Joy Behar to ask if Griffin would be coming back.

“No, she’s not coming back,” Goldberg clarified.

Guests on “The View” will often span multiple commercial breaks, but a spokesperson for ABC said that Griffin’s segment was not cut short despite the incessant cursing.  read more

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  1. I use the word “fook” frequently in conversation with friends and family. Never with customers or strangers…….. but some would suggest that I too am vulgar. At least I do not pretend to be a woman!


    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. She’s a moron with poor language skills and has all the class and charm of a used sanitary pad discarded in a Target parking lot.

  3. Could you normal conservative
    type guys that read IOTWR imagine
    being married to that ????

  4. “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Filthy and perverse expressions are all these poisonous human slugs know. Swallowing their rants will make anyone mentally sick to death.

  5. When push comes to shove, is this bitches life worth saving? I don’t think so. She adds nothing positive to society.

  6. She the poster child for self-centered, ill-tempered, leftist children (of all ages).

    By a long shot, she crossed an definite line socially and intellectually; she has an extended gargantuan tantrum when reprimanded; whines and cries all 8 verses of the victim anthem; pretends to not understand that what she did is offensive to anyone that’s not from her tribe of subversives; and expects to be annointed a martyr despite the fact that she hatefully mocked another human, decapitating him in effigy; him being the recently-elected President of her country no less.

    Question for the gallery: In how many countries would she have been expeditiously and publicly EXECUTED her for that stunt?
    Will someone please point that out to her?

  7. She’s what happens when Jeff Zuckerberg gets into Jeff Goldblum’s Teleportation Machine, not knowing Carrot Top and Tinkerbelle are in there too.

  8. Well, the gals on the view tried to resurrect her failed career, but Kathy managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  9. She’s the transgender mischievous elf that Santa fired because zhe masturbated with the carved wooden children’s toys.

  10. ..like all lost soul lefties, her hideousness radiates from the inside! Like a supernova in this case. Frankly I’m a little surprised her head didn’t rotate around while spewing green pea soup..

  11. Liberals talk a big game about mental illness and ask why didn’t anybody do anything ‘before’ some tragic event. Remember Anna Nicole Smith? They don’t. They can’t remember the one from last week.
    Hollywood and liberals are full of shit.
    They help no one but themselves.
    As Seen on TV.
    Anybody else see it coming?

  12. @radioman – I can’t even imagine spending the 10 or 15 seconds it might take to get away.

    @ Bongo – Howdy obviously was much better fed.

  13. Between this, the WH correspondents dinner, and the daily lies being spread in the MSM, the agenda is obvious and sick.

    They are de-humanizing a good man, Donald Trump. These people are absolute scum, and refuse to ever concede that they were beaten. We must defeat them every time.


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