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Guess the Reader

Our last reader was… Seaoh!

Our next reader is…

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  1. Zonga or MJA…….. I am almost sure….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. IED detonation? Radio waves? RADIOATIONMAN?

    I was gonna guess Bad_Brad because that kid’s smile says “I sure hope you try to fsck with me!”

  3. @BFH APRIL 30, 2018 AT 10:27 PM
    “Okay, a hint?

    These are used to detonate IEDs.”

    Short Fuse? Are you SURE it isn’t Bad Brad?

  4. Likes I been sayen, The youngest pick I have is probably 25 to 28. That’s not changing. And even though in one of them I’m wearing diapers, I’m no toddler.

  5. Yeah, I would have guessed BB because I’ve met him and it could be his minime. Cute little guy!

    I got nuthin’.

  6. BB — Draw a stick baby, then. Or, better yet, do a crayon drawing of yourself as a child. Then let us all guess. Don’t be a spoilsport.

  7. Geoff C. The Saltine
    Sometime we should move close to one another. My wife and AA would be dangerous together. They seemed to hit it off. The wife asks how AA’s doing at least once a week. I tell her “How the hell do you think she’s doing? She’s a warrior.”

  8. BB — Well, unless you guys get busy and make Jefferson, then you’d better pick a nice red state! That would be a total kick to live near you guys. And you’re right, Lady BB and I would be dangerous. 😉

  9. AA, besides the politics, I’m sick to death of scrub oak and dead grass. My choices is Bozeman. She’s not big on snow. I can’t blame her. She’s getting arthritic, cold hurts. Hopefully we’ll be doing a big road trip this summer.

  10. …my comment just disappeared.

    BB — Please say hello to Lady BB from me and thank her for her concern. Never say die, right?

    Geoff talks all the time about Bozeman — then spend the breakup in Hawaii. I’d love a small town — grew up in one. I don’t think I could take an arid climate.

  11. I was going to guess Bad_Brad, too. But then I was going to guess Burner, really!

    Just kidding.

    But what a cutie pie! And I love smile.

  12. Brad, my wife and have had similar discussions. The cold does make your aches and pains a bit harder to deal with, I know I feel it. We all do. The politics in Montana, where is Tester from? Missoula is a small version of SanFran, Seattle, Portland. I have good, long time friends in Western Montana, they love where they live, but the politics are working against them too. I don’t mind the rain, I like the Pacific Coast, from North of the Bay Area, all the way to the panhandle of Alaska. Plenty of fresh water, hunting and fishing, moderate temperatures, (especially south of BC) and in the smaller communities lots of good people with similar attitudes. Moving at our age is a serious thing, we need to do it right if we are going to do it. You know where I would go if it wasn’t so far from everyone? Waimea, on the Big Island. The politics aren’t so good either. So it probably wouldn’t work out. Too bad, It’s great there.

  13. St. George, Utah? Beatiful there, same with Prescott. My biggest concern is water. You can’t exactly put out a rain barrel in either place, unless you’re trying to catch spiders. You know what I think would be tough to beat? Coastal communities of the future Jefferson. I know, not in our lifetime.

  14. A burner is a throwaway cell phone that can’t be traced to any individual.
    Muslim savages use them to set off iEDs.

  15. Sapper works·per
    a soldier responsible for tasks such as building and repairing roads and bridges, laying and clearing mines, etc.

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