Katie Couric Caught Red-Handed Editing a Video To Make Gun Rights Advocates Look Clueless

What a crunt.

All we hear about is how conservatives edit videos to make the left look bad. Breitbart did it. O’Keefe did it. David Daleiden did it. And, of course, the left is as pure as the driven snow.

Here’s a blatant edit by Couric that isn’t even close to the reality of the situation.

Couric asks a group a question and the camera cuts to the group and they all look around at each other, no one saying a word, as if they are stumped by Couric’s anti-gun genius.

Unfortunately for Couric, unedited audio surfaced and you can clearly hear people immediately answering her question.

The edit was ham-handed and ridiculous.


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  1. This is MUCH worse than Brian Williams. Lying Brian was a delusional retard. This women has an evil agenda and was caught red handed. Typical Nazi tactics. I e seen this reported no where except the Gun Webb sites and conservative blogs. The word needs to get out.

  2. I’m sure the only reason this story has received a lot of publicity is the advent and growth of the internet / social media / talk radio where both sides of the story can now be told by opposing parties. For most of my life, this wasn’t so (the Dan Rather / George W. debacle was this phenomenon in its infancy with talk radio pulling much of the weight). It makes me wonder just how much outright propaganda we were fed in the past that was just as dishonest as this episode was, but we had no means of finding out about it.

  3. This story was smeared all over anything that ended in BC. As in MS, A. etc etc. Are they going to retract it? It’s a lie. This is not legitimate journalism. A price should be paid.

  4. Couric was a butt of jokes tonight on FOX Red eye. She’s finished. She joins the ranks of Williams, Rather, Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes..



    Seriously people…If we were a problem…YOU’D KNOW IT!

  6. All I remember about this has-been is her televised colonoscopy.
    Her late husband took the easy way out…just ask Chris Botti.

  7. Rarely has the term ‘tool’ been so apt. What a desperate fool this media whore has become.

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