Will Obama Provide Fire Hydrants For These Mentally Ill People To Pee On?

Breitbart – A documentary about to air in Great Britain exposes more boundary-pushing by the gay world — men who like to dress up like dogs and be “handled” by their owners in so-called “pup play.”

The “Secret Life of Human Pups” is a “sympathetic look at the world of pup play”, according to an article in The Guardian. It is said to be a movement that grew out of the bondage and domination world and, with the internet, “has exploded in the last 15 years.”

Those who go in for “pup play” are mostly gay men who “have an interest in dressing in leather, wear dog-like hoods, enjoy tactile interactions like stomach rubbing or ear tickling, play with toys, eat out of bowls and are often in relationships with their ‘handlers.’”Screen-Shot-2016-05-25-at-4.41.37-PM-640x480

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11 Comments on Will Obama Provide Fire Hydrants For These Mentally Ill People To Pee On?

  1. I guess those Britt Fags, no not cigarets, like it doggy style.

    I’m actually ashamed of that comment.

  2. Brad – looking at that pic, you aren’t the one that should be ashamed. I feel sorry for the real husky (or malamute) in that photo.

  3. I think that’s a Vizsla. But that picture cracks me up. I love dogs and can only imagine what’s going thru the mind of that one.

  4. Sadly this isn’t exactly ‘new’ news to me. I’ve heard about this disgusting practice before, a few years ago. It seems to be gaining in popularity which is horrifying as hell.

  5. Waaaaiiiiitttt… You mean I could dress up like a dog and NOT have to work like a chump? Maybe these freaks have something going on here… 😉

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