Keep Up The Delta Airlines Boycott – Delta Cancels Over 100 Flights on Sunday, But Cites “Staff Shortages”


Last week President Donald Trump asked for a full and unrelenting boycott of several corporations who are operating as political activists to advance an agenda on behalf of the far-left.   The corporations spoke against election integrity and are opposed to secure election reforms.

Among those corporations cited for immediate boycott was Delta Airlines.  On Sunday Delta cancelled over 100 flights: ” Websites at three Delta hubs showed 33 canceled flights arriving or departing, the newspaper notes, with 19 canceled flights at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, 11 at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport and three at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.” (link)

Delta is claiming “staff shortages” suddenly appeared in multiple states, simultaneously; that had never happened before, immediately after the boycott began.  This story reeks of Delta cancelling the flights because of the boycott, but they don’t want to admit the reason for the cancellation so they make up an artificial justification. read more

17 Comments on Keep Up The Delta Airlines Boycott – Delta Cancels Over 100 Flights on Sunday, But Cites “Staff Shortages”

  1. Staff shortages would mean many stranded customers scrambling for an alternative carrier. Where are those people?

    We would hear a bunch of bitching.

    Seems their claim of staff shortages would be easy to verify.

    They be looking like bald-faced liars at the moment.

    Jussie Airlines?

  2. If they’re wise about it, a business that depends on use by the general public to stay in business should not take political positions.

    If questioned about it they should simply say they’re a business, of whatever kind they are, not a political party.

  3. Delta needs to stop rigorous FAA parts certification and source parts directly from the black market in China. Verification of integrity for anything is Jim Eagle on steroids.

  4. I thought going woke was supposed bring in far more customers. They could be the unofficial airlines of Antifa and BLM.

  5. I have flown twice in the past 25 years, to San Diego in 1996, pre 9/11 and Sept. 2013 to my daughters wedding in Virginia Beach. I’ll drive before I fly anywhere now or even take the train. I don’t mind flying it’s just all the bs regulations and TSA hassles and now Covid restrictions that bug me, screw that.

  6. Hell sakes, businesses don’t need to make money anymore the government will bail them out with your tax dollars and at a higher rate then they used to make by working smart and diligently!

  7. We are flying Delta on Sun only because we had a credit.
    We will be wearing our incognito fake masks.
    Then no more Delta.
    I’m thinking road trips will bring a financial boom to hotels because driving will be easier and more fun again.

  8. Frozen fleiderscheist. I always found it ironic that during World War 2 we could bomb the Germans indiscriminately from the air but it was not considered sporting for Airmen to take a dump out of the bomb bay and let it fly and hit some poor German on the the ground with flying shit.

  9. Speaking of “wokeness,” how long until I get canceled for culturally appropriating a black person in my .gif? I guarantee you some B(ig)L(usty)M(eatsack)er is gonna start complaining about that because they have too much COVID time on their hands.

  10. Every time I fly Delta I have to endure listening to their smarmy, oily, unctious CEO yak about how Delta is bringing the world together. Obviously a Globalist.

    He has one of the phoniest smiles in the world.


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