Kerry Jets Off To China To Lecture The Communist About Climate Change – IOTW Report

Kerry Jets Off To China To Lecture The Communist About Climate Change


U.S. climate envoy John Kerry is heading to China for talks between the world’s two biggest carbon emitters ahead of President Joe Biden’s climate summit of world leaders.

Kerry will travel to Shanghai and Seoul, from Wednesday to Saturday, the State Department said in a statement Tuesday. The former secretary of state has been expected to talk with China’s top climate negotiator, fellow veteran diplomat Xie Zhenhua.

The trip marks the highest-level travel to China known so far for officials of the Biden administration. More

29 Comments on Kerry Jets Off To China To Lecture The Communist About Climate Change

  1. I hope they do that Chinese Water thing with him.
    And then the “Thousand Cuts” thing.
    And then (if he survives those) put him in a box with just his big old horse-head sticking out and put him on a shelf – forever.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I was going to say the same thing. The chinks can have the traitorous POS, we certainly don’t need him here. He’s more of a commie and is more in tune with their evil worldview than he is American.

  3. This POS has held some sort of office since 1983 and has never accomplished shit. It’s a good thing these worthless morons can depend on the federal government for employment because there’s no way the would survive in the real world. Americas best and brightest. Holy crap.

  4. Maybe China will “mistake” his flight for a spying mission and blow his ass out of the sky. 🤞

  5. Hopefully the Chi Coms will make him get an anal probe test for Covid! Problem is they won’t know for sure which hole is his anus!

  6. Bullshit.

    Electronic money transfers. And to receive further instructions from his masters in hopes he will get the nod to be the next President.

  7. Dr. Doctor (gimme the news) – I can see where that might be confusing since he has an articulated anus that he trained to form words years ago…

  8. The Chi-coms will welcome one of their favorite US Traitors with open arms, for Lurch it will be like the good old days.

  9. Chairman Xi’s thugs will make mincemeat out of Kerry just like they did with Blinken in Alaska. John Kerry is nothing but a grifter. You all know that he has already sold his soul to the Chinese. These “talks” are just window dressing so he can cover his ass.

  10. John effin kerry has been in CYA mode for the past 50 years ever since he came home from Vietnam and started for the N. Vietnamese at the Paris Peace Accords while he was still a Navy Reserve Officer. It’s always been about himself and his phony elite self righteousness and his left wing agenda. Your fellow Swift Boat sailors should’ve fragged you in Vietnam and we would’ve never heard of you. Like I’ve said before he’s one of 2 former Navy officers along with John McCain that I have no repect for. My commanding officer was a prick and a jerk but he wasn’t a traitor.

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