Kid Rock Being Treated Like He Insulted The President…Oh Wait

After an off color remark about “The View” host Joy Behar on a live broadcast of “Fox and Friends”, performer Kid Rock has now been removed as Nashville’s Grand Marshall for the city’s Christmas Parade. Here 

For her part, Behar has extended an invitation to Kid Rock to come on the show, no doubt to be harangued into suicide by Joy and Whoopie. More

Just for contrast, here’s an old video from before the election titled “The Most Creative Insults Hurled At Donald Trump.” Watch

14 Comments on Kid Rock Being Treated Like He Insulted The President…Oh Wait

  1. Joyless Behar is one of the most obnoxious women in the world!

    Kid Rock nailed it!

    Move over a little Rosie O’Donnell.

  2. Host Steve Doocy noted that we should be able to discuss things “without going for each other’s throats.” Really?
    Fox&Friends has become part of the problem. Now it’s our fault. Left says ANYTHING they want with impunity. Good for @KidRock Behar is a BITCH
    Sheriff Clarke

  3. Couple of things. First, I think more people would go to the parade to see Kid Rock than The Accidental Mayor David Briley. He’s the one who was able to cobble enough leftovers together to win a special election over Carol Swain following Megan Barry’s departure earlier this year from screwing her security head and making us pay for the privilege.

    Second, evidently one or more of the local businesses paid a substantial fee and had a contact with Mr. Rock to perform these duties of which he has been fired – on whose authority I do not know.

    Third, after ZZ Top fired their opening act a few weeks ago for wearing a MAGA hat and eating a Chick-Fil-A sandwich in a twitter post, I always wondered how they squared the Kid Rock circle after I saw him do a Noisy “Guitar Moves” session with Billy Gibbons.

    Finally, Nashville Liberal faggotry circled the wagons for Megan Barry as long as they could but was somehow able to oust a Christmas Parade host in less than 8 hours. This would be the Pink Swastika’s patented Pansy Division putting the squeeze on.

    I miss the hometown I never left.

  4. @Brad:
    You’re SO right re Fox. I quit watching them a long time ago – I got no use for telePrompTer-reading overly coiffed women (and the females, too). Their drift toward the left began a long time ago and after they didn’t fire Shashaying Shepard for some stupid thing he did I knew the jig was up and I departed myself.

  5. Fuck ZZ Top. I saw that douchebag get interviewed by that relic Dan Blather and I realized what a bunch of liberal aaholes they really are. I always thought they were crazy drugged up maniacs. It was all an act…. faggotts dressed like tough guys.

  6. Real shame is that the untalented Caryn Elaine Johnson that Joy co-hosts a show had her children taken away due to heroin addition. Once Caryn Elaine Johnson decided to change her real name to “Whoopi Goldberg” pretending a persona so that media Hebrews would embrace and hire her no-talent pathetic self came to be. Bob is Bob. At least he is talented. Caryn Elaine Johnson’s only talent is pretending to be Hebrew.


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