Kinzinger’s Loss Could Be Illinois GOP’s Gain

The lead stories on Illinois redistricting plan was the forcing of Adam Kinzinger to run in a safely democrat congressional district after his was divided among three others. Here

But a redistricting expert observed that the democrat redistricting plan will end up making three districts “toss ups” when they could have been “Biden + 10.” More

6 Comments on Kinzinger’s Loss Could Be Illinois GOP’s Gain

  1. The race to watch will be for the Virginia governor. If Terry McAuliffe losses (a big if)in a blue state like Virginia this will resonate nationally that Biden’s agenda is toxic and unpopular. It’s either the tip or balls deep for the American people.

  2. @rich taylor ~ McAwful is gonna be gov’ner … bank on it. don’t even bother to hope.
    they rigged a presidential election … they have no compunction about a simple state election (look up ‘Newsom recall results Orange County’) … particularly when they control the voting machines

    wake up people! … we’ve been usurped

  3. There’s only one vote that matters.


    I’ll let you know next November.

    Spoiler: I tend to favor Democrats

  4. Even if RINO Kinzinger loses to a Democrat Party politician, it will be a win. My point is that it’ll be one less backstabbing RINO traitor that the Democrat Party can point to for their so called “bipartisan legislation” sewage they spew out.

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