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  1. 1950: Church = Safe Space.

    2016: _________= Safe Space.

    Man’s Country?

    Mommy’s basement?

    College professor’s private bathroom?

    This is the shit that happens when a generation is taught to believe religion is bad (unless it is islam)

  2. “This is what happens when there is miscommunication,” Gill wrote.

    No you buffoon. This is what happens when you have precious little snow flake students with the brains of an eggplant.

  3. The Priest is a member of the Dominican Order. He wears the rosary around his waist because it was St. Dominic who was given the first Rosary.
    I guess they don’t teach that in the hate whitey classes they attend.

  4. But yet your God hands teddy bears to illegals along side Glen Beck at the border. It’s the same ruination of our culture. WTF? I guess that’s different.

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