Kuntzman Strikes Again!!

We just did a story about this Kuntz… man.

He’s the one that fired an AR-15 and said it was “horrifying” and that it sounded like a cannon and the kick almost killed his entire blood line.

Now the bitch is back with an ill-timed article about the 2 year-old that was killed by the Disney gator.

Gersh Kuntzman has a problem with the killing of four alligators that were found trolling the same area for food.


No disrespect to the suffering family, but let me get this straight: We built a man-made ecosystem in the natural environment of a known predator, stocked it with fish for our amusement, built a hotel with a beach on its banks, let kids wade into the water, express shock when one gets eaten — and then we kill the animal for doing exactly what animals do?

I’m not anti-human. I’m anti-stupidity and anti-hypocrisy. Human beings have evolved over millions of years to have the biggest and best brains on the planet — but whenever we have a conflict with the other animals, we use only the rudimentary brain stem to violently strike out.

We’re better than this, people. If you love nature, you have to love it when it does something natural.


It matters little to me that this was Disney as opposed to a private residence. If a gator ate a kid on someone’s property I wouldn’t think it was unreasonable that the owners set out and shoot all the gators they could find.

Duntzman doesn’t have to worry about these sorts of things because he probably lives in a high rise with his boyfriend.

But I can guaranfriggintee you that if rats gnawed through his armoire and ate his lube juice he’d be hiring the Orkin man to kill all the nasty vermin, even though they were just doing exactly what rats do.

I have lots of sympathy for animals and wildlife. I root for the bulls in bullfighting. I’m not all that upset when some idiot is taunting “trained” animals and their heads get caught in their jaws. I could sit back with a beverage and *enjoy a nice “hunter’s teeth knocked out by mother elk after being shot with an arrow” story.

But I have no problem with man’s dominion over animals when they encroach our living space, even if it’s just for our hedonistic Disney World pleasures.

I’m sure Kuntzman would demand someone do something if sharks were loitering around the shallow waters on Fire Island. After all, Fire Island is not the animal’s turf, it’s the rightful property of the gays.

* See comments where I explain that I’m not putting hunters in the same class as taunters and bullfighters.

**I have no idea if Kuntzman is gay or not. But he is a weak sister. An AR-15 is too tough for him to handle. IT’S A CANNON!


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  1. I’m sure he might have a different opinion if they took the Gator’s hide and made him a nice man-purse….with matching stiletto heels…

  2. Gersh Kuntzman?

    Sounds like a pr0n screen name

    An 0bama propagandist should have a name like Knob Gobbleman

  3. I wonder what sort of crap he’d have written if he had tried shooting a full-sized .30 caliber cartridge, say a .30-06 or .308? Maybe he couldn’t have written anything at all with his dislocated shoulder and gashed forehead and black eye.

  4. Get chomped on splashing deep in the Glades? Oh well, shit happens. Try and nibble on me while soaking my toes on a sandy beach? Time to grab the old Winchester and a Cajun cook book.

  5. I think the rats already gnawed through Kuntzman’s cranial shell, ate what they found and shit it right back out.

  6. My 13 y.o. daughter hunts with a .243 caliber 80-100 grain (AR15 is .223/30 grain. My daughter says this guy is a pussy.

  7. He probably feels the same way about the Orlando shooting, just a Muslim doing what Muslims do and ends up getting killed for it.

  8. You would enjoy watching an archery hunter being injured by a wounded cow elk? Really? That’s disconcerting. I have thoroughly enjoyed your opinions until that oozed out of you. We don’t EVER intentionally wound animals. And to to think this has its origin in some pussyfart claiming to tremble at the report from a .223.

  9. @Uncle Al

    uhhh, looking at his smug assed picture, I’d say he has.
    He doesn’t strike me as one who would pay big bucks for a high priced city lady-boy. I suspect gersh trolls at low to middle class gay bars to excite and exhibit his superior intellect.

  10. Wish I could have been the guy to supply the AR-15 for this guy to try. Because one of mine looks ALMOST exactly stock carbine, with one tiny difference. It fires the .458 SOCOM round. The standard magazine (which is what it uses) holds 30 of the 5.56 rounds. It holds 10 of these little ICBMs.
    Most AR ammo bullet weight is ~60 grains, give or take. My handloads START at a 325 grain bullet. Put another way, one shot with these are the same ‘throw weight’ as SIX 5.56 rounds.

    I’d have him convinced THIS was the same stuff everybody has. You thought he was whining before? Heh.

  11. You would enjoy watching an archery hunter being injured by a wounded cow elk? Really? That’s disconcerting.>>

    Do you want me to lie and say that if an elk wasn’t killed with the shot and it charged the hunter and reared up and knocked out his front tooth I wouldn’t chuckle? Especially if they had video, and a picture of the guy with his tooth knocked out.
    I promise I won’t laugh.

    Of course I’m going to laugh. I’m going to laugh if a hunter’s arrow ricochet’s off a tree and shoots his partner in the ass and he chases him down and punches his tooth out.

    Do you expect some guarantee that the animals won’t lash back when you enter their territory and shoot them?
    It’s a sport, I understand. I’m not anti-hunter. When the score is 10,000,000 to 1 I can laugh when the hunted scores a point.

  12. We were shooting an ar from a shed and the concussion was remarkable, being enclosed on three sides. Squeezing of 10 rounds in rapid succession is quite a thrill, shooting up a couple of crt televisions. What a perfect form of entertainment.

    Yep, he’s gender identified correctly, pussy.

  13. What a dipstick.
    The entire arch of the Human existence has been a struggle to remove ourselves from the Prey catagory.
    This same asshat prolly has no problem spraying gallons of pesticides around his shithole to kill by poison, all the tiny wildlife around his home.

  14. I’m looking into it, Willy.
    It’s not pinging loudly, but I am kinda distracted by his eyes being way too far apart. lol

    Oh yeah, and the funny/stupid incidents hunters experience are posted all over you tube and on facebook, and when we see them, we all laugh. Kinda hard. If THEY didn’t think it was funny, it wouldn’t be on youtube, or facebook, under their own accounts.

    And you know what else? I find it particularly hilarious when people try to hug kangaroos and they get launched into next week. Did they not see the titanium muscled legs and feet on the kangaroo?!

  15. Parker,
    I’ve reread my post and your comment and I think we have a misunderstanding.

    I think you’re thinking that I’m lumping hunters in with taunters and bullfighters. That wasn’t my intent.
    I was just providing a laundry list of scenarios where I find myself rooting for the animal once in awhile, juxtaposed against my position of not being against people shooting the gators.

    I can see how this could be a miscommunication on my part.

  16. this limpdick pussy says the AR-15 is a cannon? My fiancee – who prior to last weekend had never shot a firearm ever – fired a .380, a .45, a .22 rifle and an AR-15. I tipped the range officer $10 clams and he gave her a short mini-lesson on safety, control and aim and next thing we knew she was shooting bulls-eyes. She loved it. And she said it was only once the range officer ex[plained why keeping the stock firmly against your shoulder reduces the amount of felt recoil that she really began enjoying herself.

    So my conclusion is Kuntzman either had a shitty range instructor or is a dumbass & forgot the instructions OR deliberately ignored the range instructor so he could LIE LIKE A FUCKING DOG IN HIS ANTI-GUN PROPAGANDA SPIEL that was masquerading as a news article.

    Happy Friday! I’m taking the fiancee’ to her first gunshow tomorrow. She can’t wait.

  17. In the immortal words of Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles, “I got it! I got it!”

    Now I understand why Kuntzman took the side of the alligator at Disney. Anyone remember the Wally Gator cartoon show? Wasn’t Wally Gator a bit (ahem) “festive” in his speech and mannerisms? My guess is Kuntzman really is gay and felt sorry for the Disney alligator because it took him back to his childhood cartoon hero, the swishy gay Wally Gator. Just sayin’, yo…..

  18. Oh come on. The guy makes shit up for a living. If he doesn’t have a different angle, nobody’s gonna pay for it. So he comes up with some stupid shit about the gator. Or the AR-15. Or whatever. If he justs publishes the “talking points” he was given by his masters, he wouldn’t be adding any value.
    Another worthless stooge in the totalitarian toolshed.

    izlamo delenda est …

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