The Most Idiotic Anti-Gun Screed Ever Written –

Well, it was written by a guy name Kuntsman.

What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, dangerous and very very loud 

(Yes, I know the picture is not an AR-15.)


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  1. Mr. Kuntsman, You have no right thinking you can take a weapon away from me that I can defend my family with should I face odds like that in the Pulse Night Club. Shall Not Be Infringed asshole. If you want my weapon come get it your self. I predict no gun owner will cave to this non constitutional shit. Be it California or the Nation.

  2. Bruised his shoulder?! The AR-15 barely kicks. What a candy ass! It’s an ugly world out there cupcake so if you’re not ready to defend yourself you are just another target. Grow a pair.

  3. Amen to that, Brad. From my cold, dead hands…. I wish they would just try it already. It would give them a brand new perspective that I believe may last another 239 years.

  4. ‘@Brad….I meant to give you a thumbs up but I guess my thumb needs to go on a diet. I really, really love you.💕

  5. I like shooting my rifle 30.06 it does kick a little. That way I know I’m alive.
    We need to toughen up all these snowflakes. At least teach them some
    basic defense moves.

  6. It’s horrifying, dangerous and very very loud

    Said Bill about his wife to various mistresses.

  7. Gwenn, I love you too. Your sisters scare me a little though. LOL

    Don’t give up your weapons. Somethings a foot. And Barry’s got a compressed time schedule. Vote Trump twice if you can.

  8. “The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face.”

    Makes me wonder how on earth he was holding the thing. Geez, do you think maybe he made the whole thing up?

  9. ” Geez, do you think maybe he made the whole thing up?”

    Ya think? Even a 7.62 by 39 0r a 300 ACC has very little felt recoil on the “Modular Sporting Rifle Platform”. I have slow mo video to prove it. This guy should slide the Tampon back in and go back to his Step Class.

  10. Gwenn, not everyone needs to own a gun. However if you decide to get one let me know what city you live in and I’ll see if I can’t dig up a good instructor that will guide you to the right weapon before your purchase. It would be cool if you lived near Mr. Mxyzptlk because I know you don’t live near me. Good night, me and the wife are busy making up nasty lyrics to Frank Valli song.

  11. Brad,

    The sad fact is that us guys out here in California are on the front lines in the upcoming fight to retain and maintain our birth right regarding the 2nd Amendment. There is however, some silver lining to the looming dark cloud that approacheth….

    …..The rest of the country will bear witness too, and learn to respect those of us here that will ultimately resist and fight back.

    I can only pray for those that I dispense with, for they will have had no time to repent of their evil ways once the shooting begins. Because, rest assured to those who would do us harm, the fight won’t be relegated to only self-defense. Those who perpetuate the coming evil will be hunted down with extreme prejudice.

    To the people in high places, I give this warning: It would be wise to LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. The life you save might be your own.

  12. The article had so many inaccuracies, most already pointed out in the comments. And obviously written by a beta who tries to give us his certifieds with this, “…I’ve shot a pistol…” Whoa, he’s shot a pistol. So all that follows is comparable to Nuggets From Above, I guess.

    He’s just piling on in an attempt to distract from the bottom line of the Orlando shooting. Which is, it was another moslim terror attack.

    That’s what all of the “reporting” on the guy’s sexual orientation, the AR, the wife, the investigation, blaming Trump, blaming Christians…whatever, it’s all obfuscation.

  13. Dear twisted fruit,
    The second amendment was recognition of a Right given to man by God the right to defend his home and family and more importantly:
    The right and ability to remove by force of arms, any government that imposes tyranny upon the American people.
    You cannot have my guns, not even my cap gun. You cannot have my neighbor’s guns, nor any American’s while I still have blood in my veins.
    You can try, but I don’t think the noise and excitement will agree with you.

  14. That article was so screwed up I got curious about the writer so , bored and unable to sleep, I checked him out on Wikipedia. Here’s the best I could come up with.

    “Kunzman is often said to be notable only for his coverage of the July 4th hot dog-eating contest at Coney Island which is sponsored by Nathan’s.” but he is more than that.
    He teaches (or taught) journalism at the City of New York Graduate School of Journalism. (So that explains a whole lot of things)
    He is deputy managing editor of the New York Daily News, now on its last legs.
    After the murders by radical islamic madman Omar Mateen of innocent Americans in Orlando he came up with the Headline: “Thank you NRA.”
    By the way Kunzman, you moron, Mateen used a Sig Sauer MCX Carbine to do his dirty work, not an AR-15.

  15. If you want to feel kick, a 10 gauge shotgun will give you an idea of what it feels like.
    Shooting an AR 15 single handed from the hip is easy as it is a low recoil, lightweight platform.
    If it hurt his shoulder he should consider having muscle over his shoulder bones rather than just skin.

  16. Gotta hunch if Kuntsman lived in Orlando he probably would have been a regular at Pulse. As for the girl in the picture? She gonna have a real shiner a second or two after pulling the trigger.

  17. Nothing but lies in this goofs article. Nowhere can you get an AR15 in 7 minutes, it takes longer than that to fill out the 4473.

    Further there isn’t an AR15 made that’s capable of full auto, only M16 and M4s have that ability.

    She’s a lying sack of shit.

  18. Since the topic of ‘don’t have a gun, maybe going to get a gun’ has come up, I shall once again link to one of the best write-ups on the topic.

    Read and share. The s-load of people waking up and thinking they’re just going to up and get one because of pols rumbling, and the laws in their state make it easy (for now) will do well to get beyond that initial step. A hammer is a worthless tool if you haven’t thought through where, when and how it should be used. If in fact, you are able to use it.

  19. Any item that can be used to kill people is an assault weapon. Also, any ‘newspaper’ that’s used to denigrate those that protect the rest is being used to assault.

  20. Well, I was out the other day shooting skeets with my fully-automatic 155mm cannon. Din’t no t hurt my shoulder at all! And I gots 98 out of 87 in the first qurartere ana 99 out fo 100 on the seconsds!
    But thses things ahsouln’d be in the ahands of civilians – on ly used for lisenset skeeters and cops an shit.

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