Laura Loomer Files FEC Complaint Against Twitter for Political Bias

Breitbart: Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Twitter on Monday, alleging that the company has made an in-kind contribution to her political opponents by denying her access to the platform.

Loomer is represented by Charlie Spies, an attorney who has fought numerous high-profile FEC cases.

In a comment, Spies stated, “This is a first-of-its-kind complaint and takes into account the influential role that social media corporations play in our elections.”

Spies continued, “Once Ms. Loomer became a federal candidate, it became illegal for Twitter to ban her while providing free access to her Democrat opponent. Corporate owned public forums like Twitter must either provide equal time and access for all candidates for public office, or charge market value. Twitter should not be exempt from Equal Time laws, and a violation like the one occurring with Ms. Loomer is an impermissible in-kind corporate contribution to her opponent.” read more

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    Laura Loomer
    Glenn Beck
    Ben Shapiro
    Jeff Flake (and other RINOs)
    Milo Yiannopoulos
    Megyn Kelly

    All of these unstable Conservatives need to be give the carrot and stick treatment like the democrats do with their people. RARELY does a democrat get out of line, they are THE BORG and cannot be divided and conquered like the Mitt Romney’s of the Republican party.

    Be loyal, or join the other team, there are penalties for not towing the line.

  2. I have been her supporter for almost a year. She, like Don, has guts! Little chance she’ll win. BUT SHE IS LETTING FOLK KNOW HOWTHE RICH LEFTISTs MANIPLULATE ELECTIONS, or try to.

    A big myth that is a lie is that leftists are poor! Bush, Kennedy, Rockefeller folk are all VERY RICH!


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