Coronavirus Coincidence?


While the world watches anxiously as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, some eagle-eyed gamers have noticed a couple of seriously bizarre connections between the deadly virus and the Resident Evil franchise.

Firstly, we’ll get the obvious connection out of the way. As you probably know, Capcom’s survival horror series revolves around contagious viral outbreaks, which clearly echoes the very real outbreak that originated in China recently. However, here’s the weird part: it turns out that there’s a biological research lab in Wuhan, China with an official logo that looks exactly like a colour-swapped Umbrella Corporation logo. Seriously, we kid you not.

As you may or may not know, Wuhan is one of the real-life cities that has been quarantined by the Chinese government in an effort to keep the coronavirus outbreak from becoming an all-out epidemic. The Umbrella Corporation, on the other hand, is ostensibly a harmless pharmaceutical company, that doubles as a secret biological weapons division that develops deadly pathogens that turn folk into vicious zombies with a penchant for human flesh. Of course, we’re not saying that the research lab in Wuhan is secretly developing killer viruses. We’re simply pointing out what a creepy coincidence this all is.


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  1. it’s just that … in this scenario the human zombies of Wuhan have a desire for live animal flesh … hence the spread of the virus

    it’s when it gets to the homeless in LA & Seattle they’ll mutate to human flesh

    … at least that’s the way I see it … truth is stranger than fiction

  2. It’d be better if “Raccoon” didn’t have two “C”s.

    But I do think that some creative people using their imagination, or remembering vivid dreams, can tap into their subconscious and gtab hold bits of possible futures. If that makes any sense.


    I was talking to my wife, who is Chinese, and I asked her why these viral plagues don’t happen in India. She instantly said, “because they are mostly vegetarians who don’t eat nasty bush meat, I would guess”. Makes sense. Even the muslims with their halal meats are cleaner than the Chinese. The unsanitary communist Chinese culture killed her dad with Hepatitis years ago. She hates the Chicoms for that.

  4. Soros should have been dead decades ago. He is one evil SOB.

    I hate to think it, but Bill Gates has some weird ties to pandemics, and vaccines. He is also a believer that there are too many people on the planet. It might all be tin foil hat shit, but if Bill Gates came to me with a hypo and a vaccine I’d fight the bastard. I think there is more bad with him than there is good!

    Something funny. The twitter page I linked is for tinfoilcowboyhat. I might make one of those.

  5. @thirdtwin ~ looks like the future of mankind is either eat disgusting live animals ala Jabba the Hut, or wipe the crap off our asses w/ our left hand (more sanitary that way) … the ‘glorious revolution’

    ‘Deus le Volt’ 😉

  6. wait while I adjust my tin foil hat. OK.
    Remember the photos of the mysterious Chinese city that had no residents? It was a huge place, tall buildings, and all new. No one lived there.
    Or did they, Once?
    No government closes down an entire city of 50 million people because of the “flu”. By refusing them freedom to leave, it’s almost guaranteed that most or all of them will come down with this “flu”.
    We were told that @50 people had this “flu” in China, so why quarantine an entire city and hurry to build thousands of beds in a hospital setting.
    This is something else, something that is horrid.
    Just asking: If a person doesn’t die, are there long term affects?

  7. @Ann Thracts – THAT was funny!

    Funny IS as Anthrax…can be…posting about a virus, one with a corona that is…

  8. So how many infected people were packaging goods being shipped to the USA? What happens if one sneezed on a children’s toy at Walmart?

    Scary stuff. I think I’ll do my best to avoid Chinese products for a while.

  9. The last few years have given us plenty of reasons not to trust anything told to us by the government or media.
    We know the vermin in DC are getting the accurate news about what’s going on so keep a close eye on what they do with themselves and their families. Watching them will tell us what we should be doing.

  10. We…..the US …..bring a 747 to CommChinaFornia full of possible “Coronavirus” American citizens….and only divert them to a limited access (quarantine site) air base after they’re enroute.

    I thought you we supposed to isolate and quarantine a viral outbreak until you had a treatment plan….not spread it around the world.

    BTW…..ZeroHedge has a good article about how this might not be a natural event but a runaway experiment.

    It’s worth the read.


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