Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Ends ‘Common Core’


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Friday he is officially putting an end to the Common Core Standards in his state and replacing them with standards that “embrace common sense.”

DeSantis said at a press conference that his new “Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking” (B.E.S.T.) standards, which will be released in the coming days, will mark a “return to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic,” reported Fox 13 News.

With the B.E.S.T. standards, the governor said Florida students will “understand the principles that make America great.”

One year ago, DeSantis issued an executive order that called for the elimination of the Common Core Standards, which former Gov. Jeb Bush (R) had urged the state to adopt. Ultimately, the state “rebranded” the Common Core as the Florida Standards.

In his order, DeSantis instructed the state education commissioner to complete a review of the Florida K-12 academic standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics and submit it to the governor with recommendations for revisions by January 1, 2020. more

12 Comments on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Ends ‘Common Core’

  1. @JDHasty ~ lmao

    & great job to Gov. Santos!
    about time we started kicking Agenda 21 in the ‘nads

  2. Another educational boondoggle out the door

    I’m sure the publishers (democrat donors) are upset their scam is being replaced, but don’t worry, they’ll roll out another one in 10 years after the teachers purposely tank national test scores ushering in another democrat solution.

    You’d think by 2020, there would be enough open-source collaboration attempts, that there would be set and established nation-wide curriculum standards that actually work. I mean, how many more centuries of practice do we need?

  3. I don’t buy it. You have to understand how feverishly dedicated the embedded educrats are about their student-centered project-oriented constructivist religion. It infested most classrooms before Common Core and before No Child Left Behind, and it will survive future rebranding as well. Who exactly is going to write these new unreleased Florida standards? Likely the same ilk, unless Desantis is very careful.

  4. Don’t know who’s writing the new standards but local news yesterday showed the usual teachers union reps, wearing their commie red of unanimity, whining as always that curriculum isn’t the problem, teacher pay is the problem. Of course they would say that regardless of what the new curriculum is.

    I think Florida is increasing beginning teacher pay but this governor could see to it they ALL got an across-the-board $5,000 more a year and it still wouldn’t matter, they would hate him because he’s not a leftist.


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