LaVar Ball’s ‘Big Baller’ Brand gets ‘F’ From The BBB – IOTW Report

LaVar Ball’s ‘Big Baller’ Brand gets ‘F’ From The BBB

NYDN: Big Baller buyers beware!

LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand apparel company has scored a big fat ‘F’ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The organization has received 32 formal complaints and 44 negative customers reviews with zero positive reviews. That’s good enough for the lowest rating possible for the brash basketball dad and his family.


[…] “This company does not offer refunds,” read one entry from November. “I purchased 2 items and was told there would be a 1-2 week delay. I have been waiting 6 weeks now, and when I asked why it was taking so long, I was called a ‘small baller’. At this point I believe they have decided to steal my money.”  keep reading

SNIP: Lavar Ball is the father of  UCLA basketball player, LiAngelo Ball, who was caught shoplifting in China and jailed. That’s until President Trump got him out.

More news:

LaVar Ball is also being sued by an embroidery and silk screening company because of failure to pay for work already done.

16 Comments on LaVar Ball’s ‘Big Baller’ Brand gets ‘F’ From The BBB

  1. I’ll bet the son feels like divorcing his dad about now.

  2. You know they’re sh*t, when You wear them to School and no one

    steals them from You….

  3. “Big Baller” a name synonymous with quality…

  4. A borderline retard with an ego as big as all outdoors is a lousy businessman. There’s a shock.

  5. It’s all President Trumps fault. Right Balls?

  6. Ball made a Big Bollox of the Big Baller Brand.
    (I’m so phucken witty, I can’s help myself sometimes)

  7. You know the Lakers aren’t too happy right now. What happens when this all blows up. Is the world going to have to live with the nightmare of the father and kids going on D-list reality shows to revive their non-existent careers.

    Also, if these kids screw up in Lithuania like their brother did in CHina, do you think there will be a Trumpian intervention? We think not.

  8. Shoplifters figured out that Loss Prevention folks zero right in on wearers of Big Baller shoes, especially if Big Baller boy be wearin’ a hoodie and he pants be half way down to his neez.

  9. “Baller”… another word I hate. Must roll off the lips of tards like drool.

  10. Karma my grind on slowly, but it grinds exceedingly fine, and I have never seen Karma be mistaken. . . .
    Welcome to “big Karma” LaVar. . . .

  11. I bet America’s American africans are buying the $hit out of them though, cuz racism, yo……

  12. Daddy Ball will probably be convicted of tax evasion soon. Just a matter of time. He’s an empty hat and definitely has no clue about cattle.

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