It Was What Went Missing From The Golden Globes That Defined The Event

The glamorous women of entertainment thought they’d make a powerful statement about sexual abuse in their industry  by wearing black this year to the Golden Globes.

Tammy Bruce explains how they missed their chance to make a meaningful statement in support of the victims.  Here

11 Comments on It Was What Went Missing From The Golden Globes That Defined The Event

  1. These prog turds have always been empty shirts with their pussy hats and hashtags….. All talk…. meh!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. A-holes like Weinstein couldn’t exist if it weren’t for a steady stream of women ready to peddle their wares for a chance at fame and money. Am I the only one who always saw Hollywood as a place of corrupt people, men and women alike, who made their deals with the devil to have what they wanted? Does anyone really think that the current crop of female actors were the best that womanhood had to offer to those who simply wanted to be entertained? Hollywood is a place of whores/man whores who are only doing what they do.

  3. Possibly the worse kept secret in the world is Hollywood has been a den of depravity since its inception. Hollywood gossip magazines made their living divulging dirt and people lapped it up. They still like following the dirt as evidence at every grocery store magazine checkout stand. Who isn’t familiar with the term casting couch. Hollywood made its money by steadily devolving women into the sexual 2 dimensional objects of male lust. America followed along imitating a lot of it. All Hollywood knew of it. They saw the lives destroyed. It was okay as long as the money and cocaine kept flowing. A few of the wise ones refused to live there. As soon as they could they moved out of the area. Some just gave up their careers and got out. Many tried, to no avail, to insulate their children from the sex and drugs. The one thing I don’t see from them is shame or repentance.

  4. “Entertainers” have always been thieves, con men, and scumbags. Until fairly recently, they were viewed by the whole of society as the same as whores.

  5. Actors in days of olde were just court jesters. They have returned to being just court jesters. Just look at the fine men and women who served in WW11 and were wonderful entertainers, who loved America and compare them to most of the shittalks we have today.
    Last movie I paid to see was “Saving Private Ryan.” Next one will be “The Darkest Hour” maybe next week.

  6. I saw a lot of video clips (wouldn’t bother with the program). Reminded me of an old adage:

    Those who are young and desirable do.

    Those who are not young and desirable procure for their masters.

  7. If statues of Geo Washington must be taken down because he owned slaves, shouldn’t the films that Weinstein produced, and all the films of the “Me Toos” who were sexually exploited, shouldn’t all those films be stripped of all awards and recognition?!
    I am so offended every time I see a smiling Streep who knowingly supported the rape of so many young aspiring actresses and actors!

    She and the entire cadre of abusers climbed on a tall pile of victims, didn’t they?!

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